CASEY GARRISON - The American Red Cross gave Soldiers and Family members an opportunity to learn more about International Humanitarian Law Sept. 25 at the USAG-Casey Family Readiness Center.
"Each Red Cross station has an obligation from the International Red Cross to educate citizens in International Humanitarian Law, and get them thinking about how they might react under some very difficult circumstances if war were to come to their own territory," said Kalyn Simpson, USAG-Humphreys Red Cross station manager. "This was a class to educate everyone on how they should respond as prisoners of war and what to do if they find wounded victims in their backyard, and what the law is and how it is enforced during war."
The introductory course taught body of rules and principles that seek to save lives and alleviate suffering during armed conflict. Simpson and the other instructors also taught on the Geneva Convention for the protection of victims of war by giving protection of the wounded and sick combatants on land and at sea, as well as offering protection of prisoners of war and civilians.
"The Red Cross has a really crucial historical role in observing the laws of war being obeyed with civilians and other protected people, and it is wonderful to have a partnership on post and develop a close working relationship with them," said Cpt. Tessa Marmion, 2nd Infantry Division OSJA operations law attorney.
"Our mission during the exercises is to play the role as the judge advocate who offers guidance to commanders, analyze the law of the war and other international law. A course likes this reflects directly on international law and will certainly be helpful during an exercise because of the rules of land warfare," said Capt. Josh Hessmiller, 2nd ID OSJA administrative law attorney.