FORT STEWART, Ga. - As the 3rd Infantry Division prepares for its record fourth deployment, the Hinesville community prepares to help and support the unit's Soldiers any way it can.

The city held a rededication ceremony at Victory Park in Hinesville, Oct. 1.

The audience watched elected officials under a cool shade and a nice breeze.

"We're not going to send them off quietly," said David Anderson, chairman of the Hinesville Military Affairs Committee. "We want them to know we're thinking about them, and we're concerned for them. We want to have that ceremony for that purpose."

Lily Baker, chairwoman of the Liberty County School Board, spoke of how proud she was of the Soldiers who serve our country and all they do.

"What a great time to appreciate being an American, what a great time to appreciate being in a country where you are free and you feel safe," she said. "I give honor to all of our servicemen and women near and far. When I look at military men and women and I say 'thank you,' I thank you for accepting the challenge because many cannot do what you do."

Major General Tony Cucolo, commanding general of the 3rd ID, spoke of the challenges that lies ahead for his Soldiers.

"There's something very American about victory," Maj. Gen. Cucolo said. "We hate to lose. We only like to win in anything we do. So I guarantee everybody, no matter what mission we're given, as we head off to both Iraq and Afghanistan, you can count on us winning. So it's an honor to dedicate this yellow ribbon in a park called victory."

Major General Cucolo went on to talk about the name of the county in which his unit resides.

"When the 3rd Infantry Division deployed in World War II, they deployed from a post called Camp Patrick Henry. (He was) somebody who greatly believed in liberty and personal freedom. We deploy from a county named liberty and there's something to that. 3rd ID will continue to defend liberty wherever we go."

Major General Cucolo joined Command Sgt. Maj. Jesse Andrews, Command Sergeant Major of 3rd ID, and other elected officials in Liberty County, to unveil two yellow ribbons at the park.

Afterward, the Soldiers and audience sang the Dog Face Soldier Song.

Guido Knapp, a member of the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars, was very pleased to get the opportunity to honor the deploying troops.

"They're fighting for what we believe in, freedom and democracy, and I believe that's what they desire too."