Don't be 'That Guy'

By Ms. Joyce Costello (IMCOM)October 6, 2009

Are you this guy'
"That Guy" is a campaign used to encourage awareness of the consequences of drinking excessively. Posters, playing cards and drink coasters have pictures and entertaining sayings about drunken makeovers, beer courage and mistaking ones closet for a u... (Photo Credit: U.S. Army) VIEW ORIGINAL

CAMP DARBY, Italy - Camp Darby's Better Opportunity for Single Service members teamed up with U.S. Army Garrison Livorno Safety office and Army Community Services to talk with junior service members about binge drinking and kick off the That Guy campaign Sept. 25.

"This campaign is not an abstinence campaign and it's great the BOSS program here is being proactive about peer-to-peer efforts to reduce excessive drinking among troops living in the barracks," said USAG Livorno Command Sgt. Maj. Felix Rodriguez.

He added that taking the time to get the troops together in the base theater before the holidays started was a good way to help remind them about the consequence of drinking and driving. BOSS members handed out That Guy drink coasters and playing cards with saying on them like: "Going home with a '10', waking up with a '2'," and "What you won't remember, your friends will" and entertaining synopses about the dancing guy, the player guy and the drama queen.

One thing that the service members that wasn't entertaining or funny is that under Italian law if they are out with "That Guy" and there is an alcohol related incident, they too can be held accountable for aiding and abetting, according to Army Capt. Todd Simpson, the Staff Judge Advocate at Camp Darby.

"The Italian's have penal codes that punishes those who help someone get drunk or are involved in a brawl with three or people," warned Simpson.

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