First female garrison commander in Fort Meade’s 107-year history ready to take command

By Chul (Chuck) YangJuly 10, 2024

First female garrison commander in Fort Meade’s 107-year history ready to take command
COL Yolanda Gore (left) met Dewan Clayborn, President and CEO, Central Maryland Chamber, Shay Cook, Chairman of Central Maryland Chamber Board of Directors, and Kim Wirt, Director of Operations to discuss the chamber’s regional advocacy on behalf of Fort George G. Meade. (Photo Credit: Chul (Chuck) Yang) VIEW ORIGINAL

FORT MEADE, Md. — In a recent interview on the Fort Meade Declassified podcast, incoming Garrison Commander Col. Yolanda Gore shared insights into her upcoming role and her diverse military career.

Col. Gore, who is scheduled to take command from Col. Sapp on Aug 6, currently is serving as the Strategic Initiative Chief for the Deputy Chief of Staff, G1, Lt. Gen. Douglas F. Stitt. In this position, Col. Gore emphasized the breadth of her responsibilities in public affairs. "My current position has involved a wide spectrum of public affairs, from ceremonies and military honors to high-profile media queries," Col Gore noted. "I've been deeply involved in medals of honor ceremonies and worked closely with the Secretary of the Army Office."

Expressing enthusiasm for her new assignment as Garrison Commander at Fort George G. Meade, Col. Gore described it as one of the most rewarding opportunities in her career. "I'm excited about the prospect of meeting new people and taking on the challenges this role will bring," she said. "It's an exciting feeling to envision what lies ahead."

Col. Gore acknowledged the significant transition this role represents from her previous duties as an Adjutant General officer. "Dealing with personnel matters has been central to my career so far," she remarked. "Now, as a Garrison Commander, I'll be immersed in the operational aspects of running an installation."

During a recent installation driving tour with outgoing Garrison Commander Col. Michael Sapp, Col. Gore gained new insights into the intricacies of Fort Meade. "I discovered so much about the garrison that I never knew," Col. Gore reflected. "From the surprising purpose of the water tower to the complexities of managing facilities like the PX and gym, there's a lot to absorb."

Looking ahead to her tenure, Col. Gore emphasized her commitment to engaging with the community and understanding the multifaceted demands of the role. "As a military member, you don't always realize the scope of what goes into running an installation until you're in this position," she noted. "I'm eager to collaborate with community leaders and stakeholders to ensure we meet the needs of everyone at Fort Meade."

The Fort George G. Meade Garrison Change of Command ceremony is scheduled for August 6, 2024, at 10 a.m. at the Club Meade. Col. Gore will be the first female garrison commander in Fort Meade’s 107-year history.

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