Rank, name
Sgt. Basilio Hernandez

Company F,
3rd Battalion, 13th Infantry Regiment

Military Occupational
Specialty / Job title
21E, heavy construction equipment operator / drill sergeant

Years in service
10 (two years as a Reservist)


Highest education
Associate degree

Working on his truck, hanging out with his family

FORT JACKSON, S.C. -- Sgt. Basilio Hernandez said his most memorable Army experience was when he came back from his first Iraq deployment.

While on the bus to his welcome-home ceremony, he said, he recalls speaking to his wife on his cell phone. As they spoke, the bus passed by where she was standing, allowing him to get the first glimpse of his wife in several months.

That moment four years ago, he said, has always stuck with him.

Hernandez has been deployed twice to Iraq. In addition to Fort Jackson, he has been assigned to Fort Leonard Wood, Mo.; Camp Casey, Korea; Fort Carson, Colo.; and Fort Hood, Texas.

Hernandez said his squad leaders have influenced him most in his military career, and those experiences still influence him now as a drill sergeant.

"Whenever I had any issues, I'd talk to my squad leaders and whatever had to happen, they made it happen. As a young Soldier, it showed me how to take care of Soldiers."

One of Hernandez' goals is to graduate from BNCOC, which he is currently attending.

He is also preparing to finish his stint on the trail in December and PCS to Alabama with his wife.

Upon retirement, he plans to pursue a second career in law enforcement.
His advice for junior enlisted Soldiers: "Never stop seeking self improvement. Take initiative."

Seeking self improvement, he said, will "help them excel in their chosen careers, whether or not they stay in the military, and help them become better people."
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