AMC expands data dominance at echelon

By Samantha TylerJuly 3, 2024

AMC expands data dominance at echelon
Pat Sullivan, highly qualified expert and senior advisor for Army Materiel Command’s supply chain directorate, and Christina Shapiro, chief of the data strategy and integration division at AMC, present updates during the Army Data Summit in Fort Liberty, N.C. The Summit took place from May 29-21, 2024. (U.S. Army photo by Christopher Grissett) (Photo Credit: Christopher Grissett) VIEW ORIGINAL

REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. – Army Materiel Command is leading the way in data analytics, and now, the command is spreading lessons learned and capabilities across the enterprise.

“Every successful sustainer knows you have to anticipate your operational customer’s requirements,” said Lt. Gen. Chris Mohan, AMC deputy commanding general and acting commander. “You have to deliver what they need, when they need it and where they need it. This concept is nothing new to us, but what is new is being able to articulate what we need as commanders to our data and analytics teams so they can build us the decision support capability we need.”

Using data to inform decisions is nothing new at AMC. Leaders used analytics to support operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Philippines and more. What makes this field different is that the analytics community has followed a democratic, grass-roots approach to problem solving, allowing the Army to gain cutting edge solutions in a quick amount of time.

“I am amazed at how far, and quickly, we have come,” said Dr. Chris Hill, AMC’s chief data and analytics officer. “That doesn’t mean we are done. We still have a lot to do to get to where we need to be, especially in the artificial intelligence space.”

Culminating recent efforts and looking at future opportunities, AMC is hosting its 2024 Data and Analytics Summit July 23-25 in Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania, bringing together experts inside and outside of AMC to showcase their innovations, share insights and collaborate. The summit includes a competition where analysts will enter dashboards and tools they have made and present them. Participants will vote for their favorite dashboards, not only providing recognition for the innovations, but also sharing new ideas to use at different organizations and identifying potential partners to collaborate with on joint efforts.

In addition to the showcase, the summit features two distinct tracks tailored for different organizational roles. One is the leadership track, which provides insights into the governance of data analytics and strategies for supporting leaders. Hill said being able to support commanders, especially in dynamic situations, starts with using the platforms we have available and implementing them the right ways.

“We need ability to connect and transform ugly data and apply rigorous analytics to it,” said Hill. “We have to visualize in a way that is meaningful to commanders. We must implement these systems and their governance, at echelon, to enable the flexibility and agility required in these very complex operations.”

The second track is focused on the technical, providing insights to all areas of data and analytics development including data hosting, data security, dashboard development, app development and business analytics. As the command continues to collaborate and make strides, adopting new tools and technologies continues to be a big challenge, Hill said.

“No matter how difficult the adoption challenges are, and the reasons for them, we have learned that an engaged commander is the best antidote,” Hill said. “I can assure you that when you provide value they will engage. The other aspect we are starting to work now is proliferation of AI. I think a lot of our challenges across the institution today demand it. We are experimenting with all kinds of AI and are learning more about it every day. I strongly believe it is critical to our future successes.”

The event can be attended in-person or remotely. Registration and additional information are available at the 2024 Data & Analytics Summit SharePoint site: Questions about the event can be directed to