Mehtonuwesk- Balancing Resilience and Preservation at St. Croix Island

By Brigida SanchezJune 5, 2024

Saint Croix Island, a 6.5-acre uninhabited island, holds immense historical significance. Managed by the National Park Service (NPS) as an International Historic Site under a formal agreement with Parks Canada and in consultation with the Passamaquoddy Tribe, the island has faced substantial erosion over the centuries, endangering its original ‘habitation’ footprint and the ancient cemetery where 35 French settlers are buried.

Recognizing the island’s archaeological and historic significance, the workshop aimed to explore NBS alternatives that would work effectively for this unique site. The project partners, led by the US Army Corps of Engineers’ Engineering With Nature® (EWN®) program, are committed to understanding and harnessing the potential of nature-based solutions to protect the island from further erosion and preserve its cultural heritage.

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