Team Army Ultimate Champion says every day is a new day to get better!

By MaryTherese GriffinMay 28, 2024

Team Army Ultimate Champion says every day is a new day to get better!
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1st LT. Hannah Wright in archery competition at the 2024 Army Trials in March 2024. (Photo Credit: Spc. James Dickson)
Team Army Ultimate Champion says every day is a new day to get better!
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1st Lt Hannah Wright is warming up for track competition at the 2024 Army Trials in March 2024. (Photo Credit: (Photo courtesy Coach Adriane Wilson))

FALLS CHURCH, Va.- On the road to the 2024 Warrior Games, 1st Lt. Hannah Wright of Team Army recalls how she started down this path. As part of her recovery from ovarian cancer last year, Wright found herself working in adaptive sports. She’s come a long way in just over a year. “I’m doing well and getting better every day. I'm a heck of a lot better than I was a year ago,” said Wright, who went through intensive surgery and chemotherapy to save her from the fifth leading cause of cancer-related death for women.

The 26-year-old is the 2024 Team Army female athlete competing for the title of Ultimate Champion at this year's Warrior Games. “Army trials itself was incredible. I was so happy to go, but finding out I made the team was truly the highlight of my year,” said Wright.

She was pleased she was getting her stamina back and could endure longer workouts, which helped her do well at the Army Trials, and that was good enough for her. “Ultimate Champion truly wasn’t even on my radar. I was just happy being able to compete and meet all these amazing people with similar stories as me. I never thought I would be a candidate. It's a huge honor! My first thought was did they choose the right person?”

They absolutely chose the “Wright” person for the job! 1st Lt Wright has the right attitude and discipline to compete at this elite level. She said- she is all in!

“At this point, I'm like, okay, let's try it! Especially after treatment, you know, things could go a lot worse than just not doing well at something,” said the Infantry Officer who is through with treatment and is in monitor mode.

The return-to-duty Soldier who incidentally begins a new assignment at Fort Moore, Georgia, this month says she can do much more than she expected.” I'm doing all the sports. It's been a lot of conversations with Lorraine Currow and Ross Alewine about trying to juggle and focus on getting better at the events I am most strong in and working hard to get more familiar with the ones I am weaker in.” Currow is a recreational therapist at Brooke Army Medical Center, where Wright went through the Soldier Recovery Unit, and is a former Team Navy and Team US athlete. Alewine is a former Team Army Warrior Games and Team US Invictus Athlete who won Ultimate Champion in 2019.

Wright says training for competition isn’t just for the sport of it; it’s part of her recovery, and she has to be ready for anything every day. “Recovery is not linear, according to Lorraine Currow,” she boldly says.

“I’m honored and humbled I was chosen. I’m working hard to represent the Army the best I can for those who took a chance on me. And I 100% feel like a Rockstar having Team Army Nation behind me. All these people I haven’t met yet are giving me a huge boost, which is awesome!”

Never thinking this was where her life would be, Wright reflects on her journey and wants to share this information with anyone else whose medical situation is changing their life. “Don’t count yourself out of the things you can still do and the new things you can try because every day is a new day to get better.”