Lemonade Day empowers sweet success in youth at Fort Cavazos

By Janecze Wright, Fort Cavazos Public AffairsMay 10, 2024

A girl hands cash to a women with her back turned to the camera as another woman to the right side of the girl looks on.
1 / 2 Show Caption + Hide Caption – Fourteen-year-old Claire Kerfoot hands change to a customer as her mom, Sandy, looks on during Lemonade Day May 4 at the Main Exchange on Fort Cavazos, Texas. Claire plans to use the earnings from "Claire's Lemonade & Treats" stand to build a bench at Bronco Youth Center. (Photo Credit: Janecze Wright, Fort Cavazos Public Affairs) VIEW ORIGINAL
A boy standing behind a table hands a cup of a lemonade to a woman with her back to the camera. Behind the boy stands a man in a baseball cap looking to his right.
2 / 2 Show Caption + Hide Caption – Ten-year-old Jackson Lindholt of "Lindholt Lemons" stand hands a cup of ice-cold lemonade to a customer during Lemonade Day May 4 at Fort Cavazos, Texas. The family scored a coveted spot right in front of the Main Exchange. (Photo Credit: Janecze Wright, Fort Cavazos Public Affairs) VIEW ORIGINAL

FORT CAVAZOS, Texas — The theme for this year’s Lemonade Day was “Empowering Sweet Success” and youngsters at the Great Place and throughout the community did just that during the two-day annual event May 4.

The journey to Lemonade Day was filled with events and activities primed to plant the seed of financial literacy, establish roots of entrepreneurship and harvest the fruits of a successful business.

Youngsters quenched their thirst for knowledge at Lemonade Day University, where they learned the basics of business ownership.

Their visions for their businesses blossomed into tangible plans during the Design-a-Stand workshop.

Youngsters poured their efforts into constructing their stands from scratch during the Build-a-Stand event.

And just before launching their stands this past weekend, participants squeezed in some friendly competition and savored sweet victory at the Best Tasting Event.

Some stands like 10-year-old Jackson Lindholt’s “Lindholt Lemons” scored coveted spots in front of the Main Exchange, while others set up at various locations on post and in the community.

“They prepared us well,” said Jackson’s dad, Chap. (Capt.) Allen Lindholt, 4th Battalion, 5th Air Defense Artillery Battalion, 69th Air Defense Artillery Brigade, of the events leading up to Lemonade Day.

Clad in gear representing their beloved Kansas City Chiefs, Lindholt shared that his Jackson’s lemonade stand was a great way to reinforce the life lessons he and his wife Kayla strive to instill at home.

“We try to teach through every facet of life, and it’s just a good, practical application of the things we try to teach them at home,” he said. “I’ve always thought from the time my kids were born; my job is to prepare them to go out as full-fledged adults. This is just a part of that process of preparing them for that.”

Lindholt joked that plans for the money raised from sales of fresh strawberry lemonade, original lemonade, bottled water and face-painting may go towards a family trip, a motor bike or Taylor Swift tickets. They have yet to decide.

Sgt. 1st Class Marcus Smith-McGee, 510th Combat Engineer Company-Armored, 20th Engineer Battalion, 36th Engineer Brigade, said he also hoped to put proceeds from the event towards a family trip. He said that the experience also encouraged generosity, in addition to smart financial habits for his 5-year-old daughter Abigail.

“Abby’s Mystery Lemonade” stand provided mystery blue lemonade, citrus lemonade infused with fresh oranges, traditional lemonade, chocolate chip walnut and chocolate chip toffee cookies and strawberry and lemon cupcakes for customers. “Pupcakes” and pet-friendly cookies were also available for four-legged patrons.

“This program helps because she’s going to give 20% to Army Emergency Relief, so it shows her how to give back. She’s going to take some of it to save and learn how to save as well. And then also how to spend money, too,” he explained. “We’re going on vacation to Orlando, and she’s going to take a little bit of that to go on vacation as well.”

Fourteen-year-old Claire Kerfoot shared that giving is the best reward and that the proceeds from “Claire’s Lemonade & Treats” stand will go toward bettering the Fort Cavazos community.

Sales from the generous cups of lemonade, cookies, brownies and lemon bars will go towards a project to provide some much-needed seating at Bronco Youth Center, Claire said.

She explained that the project would also satisfy the requirements for her Eagle Scout project, which promotes community improvement.

“It’s a great way to help out and bring the community together,” Claire said.

Her mom Sandy shared that her daughter has been working with Cavalry Family Housing to get a bench put in at Bronco playground for a more comfortable and pleasant experience.

“Whether they’re making money or serving their community, it’s good for them to see that working hard for something pays off and it shows in the way that people respond,” she said. “They can see that hard work, and doing what you say you’re going to do all comes together for the good of the community.”

For more information about Lemonade Day visit lemonadeday.org.