Are you part of the Fort Liberty 10%?

By CourtesyMay 10, 2024

Written by Audra Satterlee, Marketing, Army Community Service, Fort Liberty

Where do you turn when you find yourself in need of emergency funds? Not everyone has an accessible pot of excess cash, nor can Family or friends always lend money at a moment’s notice. But what would a ‘Family away from Family’ be if we weren’t there to support our own? Every military Family is part of a larger network of Families – many of whom have walked a similar path and encountered their share of challenges before or who will follow in the years to come -- and they are here to help.

Army Emergency Relief (governed by AR-930-4) is a nonprofit, charitable organization that has been there for Soldiers and Families since 1942, providing interest-free loans and grants to Families who need assistance affording basic living expenses. It’s all about “Soldiers helping Soldiers” and it’s the Army’s first choice for Families who need emergency funds.

AER encompasses thirty categories, ensuring a comprehensive list of options for Families facing various challenges. The most common areas of assistance include personal vehicle repairs, housing repairs and costs, utilities, food, funeral expenses, and emergency travel. Still, many other categories exist, such as special needs medical equipment and some dental costs. The Direct Access Program allows support to be provided even without a commander’s signature. To start the process, eligible Soldiers and Families must bring supporting documentation to the AER office within ACS at the Soldier Support Center. A Soldier must have a minimum of 12 months in the Army to qualify.

Our goal is to keep our Families from relying on outside organizations with high interest rates when in financial duress. But this service is only possible with support from within our ranks.

“In this 82nd year of providing continued support to Soldiers and Families who temporarily need help paying for basic living expenses, Operation 10% is our biggest focus,” says Lynn Olavarria, ACS Financial Readiness Program Manager. “While AER always seeks to obtain 100% informed within our military community, Operation 10% is an initiative to gain contributions from at least 10% of the Fort Liberty active-duty population, exemplifying the Soldiers helping Soldiers.”

Be part of the 10% to help your ‘Family away from Family’ overcome their financial troubles. With your contribution, the 10% will continue to grow and lift our military Families from within their ranks.

Will you do your part? Will you help us get there? Consider donating today!

For more information, contact your Unit Campaign Manager (UCM) or call our AER counselors at Army Community Service at (910) 396-2507.