Community brings color to Autism Awareness Month event

By Porsha AuzenneApril 24, 2024

Community brings color to Autism Awareness Month event
A youth dressed as Batman draws with chalk on Honor Field April 12 for Superhero Chalk and Stroller Walk. (U.S. Army photo by Porsha Auzenne) (Photo Credit: Porsha Auzenne) VIEW ORIGINAL

FORT JOHNSON, La. — Fort Johnson Families stopped by Honor Field April 12 to participate in the installation’s annual Superhero Chalk the Walk. The event celebrates National Autism Awareness Month, observed each April. Military Families donned their finest capes and shields as they powered up to decorate the paved running track with colorful chalk art.

The event is a collaboration between Army Community Service’s New Parent Support Program and Exceptional Family Member Program. Personnel from each program dressed up to support the cause.

“The tradition started a few years ago and has become a recurring event,” said Trisha Kearns, Fort Johnson EFMP coordinator. “The reason behind the superhero theme is because each individual is unique and special. Most superheroes hide their true identity and people with physical and/or emotional limitations sometimes feel like they are outsiders. This event is to honor their differences and uniqueness as something incredible, worth showing and embracing.”

Anne Bollinger, a nurse who works in the family advocacy and education division at Fort Johnson’s NPSP, expressed how meaningful hosting an event like Superhero Chalk and Stroller Walk is to the community.

“Soldiers, and the Families who serve alongside them, are heroes who overcome a myriad of challenges daily,” Bollinger said. “The NPSP team recognizes the additional challenges that having a child with physical and/or emotional limitations may bring to Fort Johnson parents. The Superheroes Chalk and Stroller Walk event celebrates these superheroes — the Families and children who soar with super strength to endeavor and overcome those challenges.”

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