Versatile Ecologist Takes on Multiple Roles to Ensure Smooth Operations at Unified Command Center

By Jeremy ToddApril 21, 2024

Versatile Ecologist Takes on Multiple Roles to Ensure Smooth Operations at Unified Command Center
1 / 2 Show Caption + Hide Caption – US Army Corps of Engineers ecologist Amani Khalil participates in operations at the Unified Command Center in Baltimore, Maryland. Khalil is backfilling various roles of USACE employees for the Key Bridge Response. (Photo Credit: Jeremy Todd) VIEW ORIGINAL
Emergency Operations Planner Rebecca Fosnight shows USACE Baltimore District commander Col Estee Pinchasin the current operations accomplishments over the past week.
2 / 2 Show Caption + Hide Caption – The Key Bridge Response 2024 Unified Command priorities are to ensure the safety of the public and first responders, account for missing persons, safely restore transportation infrastructure and commerce, protect the environment, and support the investigation of the incident. Pictured from left to right are Biologist Ariel Poirier, Emergency Planner Rebecca Fosnight, and COL Estee S. Pinchasin, Commander and District Engineer for Baltimore District U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. They are reviewing successes of the previous week and future operation plans. (Photo Credit: Jeremy Todd) VIEW ORIGINAL

In the heart of the Emergency Operations Center (EOC), where efficiency is paramount and every role is critical, Amani Khalil stands out as a beacon of adaptability and expertise. While her day-to-day job revolves around environmental ecology, within the confines of the Unified Command Center (UCC), Khalil assumes various responsibilities, seamlessly filling in the gaps left by other positions.

As an environmental ecologist by profession, Khalil's expertise lies in assessing environmental impact analyses, a role crucial in disaster response operations. However, within the Emergency Operations Center, she wears multiple hats, taking on titles such as emergency operations coordinator, logistics specialist, and personnel resource officer.

"I'm happy to help where I am needed," Khalil expressed. "I have learned so much about each of our roles, and I have a better appreciation of each person I work with."

In the fast-paced environment of the EOC, Khalil's versatility proves invaluable. She navigates between roles with ease, ensuring that the machinery of the center operates smoothly. Her ability to step in and fill any void demonstrates not only her dedication but also her understanding of the interconnectedness of the team's efforts.

One of the hallmarks of Khalil's approach is her accessibility. Clad in a red shirt, a symbol of her role within the center, she welcomes inquiries from anyone in need. If she doesn't have the answer, she's quick to direct them to who does.

The level of cross-training exhibited by Khalil powerful example within the Emergency Operations Center. Her willingness to learn and adapt not only enhances her own skill set but also fosters a culture of collaboration and mutual respect among her colleagues.

"Her attitude of being happy to help wherever she's needed fosters a collaborative environment and strengthens the team dynamic," remarked Emergency Operations Planning Lead, Rebecca Fosnight.

In times of crisis, individuals like Amani Khalil are the key players that hold operations together. Her dedication to ensuring the smooth functioning of the EOC exemplifies the spirit of service and resilience necessary for effective disaster response efforts.