Team effort wins award, again

By Terri StoverApril 16, 2024

Each year Department of the Army employees refresh their knowledge on many training topics, including antiterrorism. The Army also uses the month of August to bring antiterrorism awareness to employees and their families through many communication avenues.

The Army deems this topic so important that it created the Antiterrorism Awards Program, which is designed to recognize personnel and organizations that have achieved antiterrorism excellence in their awareness campaigns.

Team effort wins award, again
Members of the award winning USASAC G2 team are Donnell Sampson, Susanne Reinwald, David Dallen, Ashley Stolze, George Lawarence, Ralph Saorrono, and James Eversole. (Photo Credit: Army) VIEW ORIGINAL

The Security Assistance Command security staff have for the second year in a row won the Army’s Best Large Unit (brigade and above) Antiterrorism Program. Their approach to many of their awareness campaigns uses creativity in relaying important messages. To have been recognized for their creativity at the Department of the Army, Office of the Provost Marshall, on their antiterrorism campaign is a prestigious honor.

“This team is extremely dynamic and professional, said Ashley Stolze, chief of the security team at USASAC. “They all have a passion for security and protecting the workforce. It’s my sincere pleasure to work side by side with them every day.”

Stolze shared that her team always has the support of the command leadership in developing innovative approaches to the important topics her team must provide all through the year. Members of leadership at USASAC “have been extremely supportive, willing, and eager to participate in all our videos and posters,” said Stolze.

Some of the criteria for the award states: Best practices show how the submitting organization has improved the antiterrorism program execution resulting in a more efficient/effective program; enhanced protection for soldiers, family members, civilian employees, and critical assets; the realization of a cost savings to the army; and can be easily adopted by other commands seeking to improve their programs.

For the 2023 campaign the G2 team emailed antiterrorism puzzles and games and offered prizes to winners. This included employees at all the satellite locations including Saudia Arabia. “The team also planned and hosted two lunch and learn jeopardy sessions,” Stolze said.

However, the team also provided materials from the Army at all locations, and developed messages for a four-part video series, which can be shown year-round. For all facets of the awareness campaign, they had good participation from the employees.

The USASAC G2 staff is a very close-knit team, even while located in two different locations—New Cumberland, Pennsylvania, and Redstone Arsenal. They approach all their programs with a team mindset. They use creativity and innovation, with the help of other directorates, including the Public Affairs Office, to develop various awareness videos and products.

“Given the competition, the term “wow” comes to mind,” said George Lawrence, New Cumberland G2 Office. “Winning the 2022 award was surprising. Winning the 2023 award is astounding and puts icing on the proverbial cake. USASAC Security is constantly leaning forward in the antiterrorism defensive position seeking ways to enhance the command program.”

The G2 staff have developed several posters and videos in the past few years that help convey important messages through humor. Members of the team feel that this approach is memorable to the employees, and they are likely to remember the message.

“Winning the AT Award twice, means to me that a great team effort can accomplish anything,” said Donnell Sampson, USASAC security specialist. “As a team our single individual attributions were combined to create a great, nontraditional, quirky AT awareness month that was recognized at the highest level and by our peers to be the best of the best throughout the Army.”

The Army’s drive behind the award is to recognize organizations that incorporate antiterrorism defensive measures and Army strategic plans. It is a serious topic no matter the industry or location. Bringing creativity to the subject can ensure staff members remember the steps to combat these threats.

“Being presented with the Anti-Terrorism Award to me is a sign that USASAC is providing the tools to foster the protection of the American way of life, the people serving to our left and right, and the ones we love and care for,” said James Eversole, security specialist at USASAC. “Awareness is power and USASAC tries to ensure all team members are empowered to do their part.”