Polish News Translated - Poznan April 8

By Bethany HuffApril 8, 2024

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Editor's Note: These are courtesy translations of local news provided by the U.S. Army Garrison Poland Public Affairs team for the benefit the military community stationed here. Views or opinions are not endorsed by USAG Poland or the U.S. Army.

Changes for scooter users in Poznań: you can no longer leave them anywhere

Changes for scooter users. Now you must leave them at specified drop off points of micromobility, the so-called "hop and go".

The city has created 273 micromobility points around the Old Town, Jeżyce, Wilda, Łazarz, Ostrów Tumski, Śródka and Piotrowo. Individuals are also located outside the city center, including on the main streets or public transport hubs. Each place is properly marked in the field (including using a vertical sign) and is visible in the applications of scooter operators, the so-called "hop and go".

Drop off points are a response to the abandonment of scooters and electric bicycles in the city. In this way, the city wants to sort out the chaos associated with abandoning them just anywhere. Previously, for two months these points worked as part of tests, now leaving devices in them is mandatory.

Beginning April 1, 2024, users of shared equipment must leave scooters or bicycles there. People who leave the equipment outside the designated place will not be able to end the rental, and the fee will still be charged to them. This solution should effectively discourage leaving scooters outside the designated places - inform representatives of the city office.

Source www.poznan.naszemiasto.pl at 08.04.2024

Official election results from Poznań: second round held April 21

We already have official results from all electoral districts in Poznań. Jacek Jaśkowiak, and there is no surprise here, he won 43.74% of the votes of the residents. The battle for second place was fierce. In the end, Zbigniew Czerwiński will face Jacek Jaśkowiak in the second round. He received 20.3% of the vote. It was followed by Przemysław Plewiński with 19.1% of the votes. It means that on April 21, Poznan will hold the second round for the city mayor election.

Source www.epoznan.pl at 08.04.2024

Exactly 100 years ago, Poznań struggled with a great flood

This year’s high water, which we were dealing with, absolutely could not compare to what the Poznanians struggled within 1924.

At the turn of March and April 1924, Poznań faced a lot of water. “The flooding in the city began on March 26 and lasted until April 23, for almost month large areas of the city were underwater. The whole of Chwaliszewo, Ostrów Tumski, but also further suburbs and part of the Old Town were flooded. The water in Warta at the climax reached the state of 6.38 m above the zero-water gauge at the Chwaliszewski bridge - explained Danuta Bartkowiak from CYRYL.

It was thanks to this flood in the city that began to build the river embankments and raise the level of meadows. The dike was also buried, on which the Dębińska Road is currently located.

Source www.epoznan.pl at 08.04.2024

Getting closer to the new headquarters of the Musical Theatre

In April, the institution plans to sign an agreement with the general contractor for the construction of the new headquarters of the Musical Theatre in Poznań. Support in the implementation of the investment was once again provided by the City of Poznań and the Poznań District.

The new headquarters of the Musical Theatre in Poznań is to be the largest facility of this type in the country with an audience of nearly 1,200 people and a modern stage. The building will stand in the heart of the city at the confluence of St. Martin and Skośna streets. Its total cubature is 170,000 cubic meters. In addition to the main hall, it will accommodate an intimate hall for over 300 seats, a concert space for 150 seats, a spacious foyer, and a restaurant with a banquet hall. In addition to modern, comfortable, and accessible spaces for spectators, the theatre will have ample facilities with rooms necessary to prepare the performance (garders, characterizers, rehearsal rooms, recording studios, magazines, and others). The building will be available to people with special needs.

The Water and Music Park is also planned to be built near the building. It will be located on the south side of the investment, between the Dworcowy Bridge and the theatre, along the new Skośna Street reaching Składowa Street. A tank fed with re-retained water from the roof of the theatre, a water-to-museary educational path, and footbridges can be built in the park. If there are no delays at this stage and during construction, the building is to be handed over in 2027.

Source www.poznan.pl at 08.04.2024

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