Fort Knox leaders update installation policy on parental supervision

By Eric PilgrimApril 5, 2024

Fort Knox leaders update installation policy on parental supervision
Children below 3rd grade must now be supervised to and from school as well as at home or at other locations, according to an updated installation policy. (Photo Credit: Eric Pilgrim, Fort Knox News) VIEW ORIGINAL

FORT KNOX, Ky. —Fort Knox officials are getting the word out to the Fort Knox community now before children return from Spring Break about a February policy update.

The update, titled “Fort Knox Policy Memo No. 09 - Installation Child and Youth Supervision Policy,” spells out how old children must be before parents can allow them to be left unsupervised in various situations.

Of note is sub-paragraph 2d: “Bus Stops.”

“Children in pre-kindergarten through 2nd grade may not walk to and from school alone or wait at bus stops independently,” reads the document. “Children in 6th grade through 12th grade may walk others to and from school and bus stops.”

The update now includes children up to pre-kindergarten also not being allowed to walk alone to and from school. “We had to make changes to ensure that our policy aligned with DODEA policy,” said one Fort Knox official.

Fort Knox leaders update installation policy on parental supervision
Parents are encouraged to escort their children to and from school if they decide not to have them ride the bus. (Photo Credit: Jenn DeHaan, Fort Knox News archives) VIEW ORIGINAL

The policy, signed by Garrison Commander Col. Chris Ricci on Feb. 1, applies to all children either visiting or residing on the installation and explains what is meant by supervision.

“‘Supervision’ is the act of watching, directing, and guiding a child’s activities to ensure their safety and wellbeing,” reads the policy.

It also explains that children in grades 5 and below must not be left unsupervised in privatized housing on post at any time and spells out who can be designated as a supervisor.

“Such supervision may be provided by their parents, other adults, or in some instances, children who are [at] least in 6th grade,” reads the memo. “Parents are strongly encouraged to ensure the person providing supervision has been trained in infant/child CPR, basic first aid, and proper care-giving techniques.”

Fort Knox leaders update installation policy on parental supervision
The policy includes this graphic with the latest changes in red. (Photo Credit: Courtesy of Fort Knox Garrison) VIEW ORIGINAL

The memo provides information who a babysitter training offered by Child & Youth Services, 4H and the American Red Cross.

Other issues and responsibilities are listed in the policy, which can be found at Those wanting to have their children or others trained as designated supervisors can call 502-624-6703.