Hiring event connects communities, fosters opportunities

By CourtesyMarch 13, 2024

Hiring event connects communities, fosters opportunities
Fort Johnson’s Army Community Service held a hiring event Feb. 26. The event offered a wide range of employment opportuities for transitioning Soldiers and spouses. (Photo Credit: Angie Thorne) VIEW ORIGINAL


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FORT JOHNSON, La. — Fort Johnson’s Army Community Service hiring event took place Feb. 26 to help bridge the gap between job seekers and potential employers.

Stacy Delgado, Employment Readiness Program manager, organized the event and said it offers anyone attending a wide range of employment opportunities.

“The event focuses on transitioning Soldiers and spouses, but is open to any individual seeking employment opportunities,” Delgado said. “It’s a great format for networking and making connections.”

The event hosted a diverse range of 17 employers offering jobs opportunities in fields such as health care, law enforcement, engineering, banking, administrative support and more.

From remote and part-time jobs to full-time positions, the event presented a plethora of opportunities for qualified applicants eager to embark on new professional journeys. A total of 80 job seekers attended the hiring event focused on building strong relationships between attendees and vendors alike.

Kimberly Jannone, representing Navy Federal Credit Union, highlighted the significance of stability and networking for military spouses, emphasizing the invaluable support system events like these provide.

“It’s important because if you’re a military spouse, and you’re always moving, it’s essential to have stable ground to build connections. You may meet someone at one hiring event and see them again at another one with someone else and there’s your next job opportunity.”

Laura Lemere Kock, a military spouse, echoed these sentiments, expressing gratitude for these types of events amidst the challenges of relocation.

“It’s a great opportunity to meet people and explore potential career paths,” Lemere Kock said.

For some vendors the event was not only a platform for recruitment, but also a means of giving back to the military community.

Marcus McLilly, a military veteran and employer at Christus Health, draws from his own experiences as a veteran navigating the employment landscape and emphasizes the importance of informing transitioning Soldiers and spouses about the many opportunities available to them.

“As a veteran, I lacked the amount of programs to seek employment that Soldiers have today and it took awhile to find a position. I feel it’s great to be able to talk to these guys and let them know of the great opportunities they have now,” McLilly said.

Navigating the job market can be daunting, especially for individuals with varied work experiences due to military-related relocations. Vendors at the ACS hiring event understand these unique challenges.

“My resume has good job listings, but my time at these jobs aren’t that long. The vendors have been very understanding when you tell them the reason is due to the Army moving my Family around,” Lemere Kock said.

Beyond job opportunities, the event also served as a valuable learning tool for attendees who were able to add to their interview and resume skills.

No matter the level of skill, Jannone emphasized the significance of self-assurance in every aspect of the job-seeking process.

“Be confident in everything you do including your resume, what you wear, your attitude and especially yourself,” Jannone said.

In addition to its quarterly job fairs, ACS offers classes focusing on interviewing, resume writing tips and coaching sessions.

They strive to equip attendees with the tools and resources necessary to navigate the job market effectively.

For more information call ACS at 337-531-1941.