H2F spiritual readiness introduction

By Sgt. Maj. Joe StanfieldFebruary 22, 2024

To modernize our military for 2030 and beyond, the Army has implemented a Holistic Health Fitness Performance Team, or HPT. This team is composed of military professionals from the medical, dietary and religious support fields within the Army and is intended to create a Holistic Health and Fitness, or H2F, component to aid Soldiers, civilians and families with performance, physical, mental health and well-being needs.

Religious support is an independent element of HPT, but it is essential to the H2F system. Chaplains and religious affairs specialists serve as subject matter experts for the spiritual domain. Commanders and Command Sergeants Major rely on Religious Support Teams, or RST, for advisement on all things pertaining to spirituality, religion, morals, ethics, and morale within the formation. Spiritual readiness is a key component of this holistic approach.

What is spiritual readiness?

Spiritual readiness is the development of personal qualities needed to sustain a person in times of stress, hardship or tragedy, according to the H2F Handbook. Spiritual readiness is not just about religion, although religion could play a key role for some. Spiritual readiness is about finding your purpose, believing in something, connecting with others, forgiving yourself and moving on from mistakes, getting along with those around you, living your values and serving selflessly.

What do we do?

Chaplains and religious affairs specialists provide various types of counseling and training for the command stemming from religious, spiritual, relational and general life training. Training leaders how to connect with their subordinates and understand what gets a Soldier, civilian or their family through adverse times in their life, because it is not a point of if, it is when it happens. When it happens, do you have the tools to adapt and the resources to get you through those times? If that sounds like noncommissioned officer business, it is! NCOs have been building teams, providing purpose and motivation, and serving selflessly for over 200 years.

How do you find peace? Is it going for a run or walk, reading a book, spending time with family and friends, meditating, praying, watching a movie or simply spending time alone? How do you find peace during times that feel like there is none? The religious support team can provide various resources to connect people with their spiritual core to build the human spirit, body and mind.