CATC Director Shares Leadership Insight with Munich Business School Students

By CourtesyMarch 8, 2024

CATC Director visits Munich Business School
Lt. Col. Austin Luher, Director of the 7th Army Training Command Combined Arms Training Center, had the opportunity to work with students at the Munich Business School during a practical exercise on leadership. With his extensive experience as a U.S. Army officer for the past 18 years and his Master of Business Administration degree, which he earned while serving in the Army, Luher shared his valuable perspective on leadership. (Photo Credit: Scott Ghiringhelli) VIEW ORIGINAL

MUNICH, Germany - Lt. Col. Austin Luher from the 7th Army Training Command (7ATC) Combined Arms Training Center (CATC) spoke with students at the Munich Business School about leadership on Mar. 7, 2024. Luher shared his leadership perspective based on his 18-year experience as a U.S. Army officer and a Master of Business Administration degree earned while serving in the Army.

Luher opened the discussion with his basic leadership principles, including self-assessment and integrity.

“Knowing who you are as a person is a fundamental aspect of Leadership,” said Luher.

The class consisted of students from diverse backgrounds across Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and North America.

Students showed interest in Luher’s background in data analysis. He discussed how leaders can make data-driven decisions rather than relying solely on personal experience. He also emphasized the importance of leaders having a clear understanding of their teams’ strengths and weaknesses.

“Understanding everybody’s strengths, what they do well, and also understanding everyone’s weaknesses so that ideally you can leverage all the strengths in a team,” said Luher.

Luher discussed his philosophy and different leadership philosophies with the class.

“I see myself as a team captain as opposed to a coach,“ Luher said. “I’m the one assuming the risk, I’m the one leading the team toward that common goal, but at the same time, I’m rolling up my sleeves and participating with the team on the field to achieve that collective goal.”

7ATC leads efforts to develop interoperability between allied and partnered nations through outreach events that educate future multinational leaders about the U.S. Army.