Sill pushes leadership development programs

By Chris GardnerMarch 7, 2024

Sill leader chosen for learning opportunity
Debra Porter, Fort Sill Directorate of Public Works director, has been chosen to participate in the National Defense University, Eisenhower School for the 2024-2025 academic year. This opportunity will enable Porter to enhance her leadership skills and knowledge in the fields of national security and strategic studies. (Photo Credit: Courtesy) VIEW ORIGINAL

FORT SILL, Okla. (Mar. 7, 2024) — Garrison encourages GS12-GS15 employees interested in furthering their careers to apply for leadership programs before the application deadline of May 1, 2024.

The 2024 Senior Enterprise Talent Management (SETM) and Enterprise Talent Management (ETM) programs ensure that leaders are highly capable of working in various environments alongside uniformed service members to achieve strategic advantages in a continually challenging world.

Julia Sibilla, Fort Sill Garrison deputy commander, has personally experienced the positive impact of the Senior Enterprise Talent Management (SETM) and Enterprise Talent Management (ETM) programs. These programs have helped deepen her understanding of national security and global affairs.

"The program has profoundly transformed my approach to career development, highlighting the importance of taking initiative," Sibilla said. She advised those interested in applying to "begin your application process early, work on your essays, improve your interview skills, and craft a narrative that showcases your unique strengths and goals."

Chris Sharkey, Fort Sill Workforce Development specialist, spoke about the program's role in preparing future leaders for significant positions across the Department of Defense.

"A compelling statement of interest and a detailed resume is vital," Sharkey said, noting that these documents demonstrate both achievements and potential for future leadership.

Michele Johnson, a key advocate for workforce development at Fort Sill, has observed a surge in community interest following recent informational sessions.

"Attendees have been genuinely enthusiastic, appreciating the insights from those who have previously participated," she remarked. Johnson emphasizes the programs' role in nurturing a competitive advantage among Army civilians.

Sibilla highlighted the benefits of participating in these programs, stating that they inspire participants to excel and provide immersive learning experiences with some of the service's most brilliant minds. She encouraged the Fort Sill community to accept the challenge and pursue leadership roles that will impact the Army's future.

"Your potential is limitless. Embrace every opportunity for development, and try again if you don't succeed at first. Each step toward professional growth brings you closer to your future," said Sibilla.

Fort Sill leadership is committed to providing support to applicants in meeting the May 1 deadline, which will have a positive impact on both the individuals and the Army as a whole. If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact Chris Sharkey, workforce development program specialist, at 580-442-0148.

Senior Level Program Modules:

  • White House Leadership Development Program (WHLDP) - A one-year assignment that provides GS-15 level executives with experience working on the federal government's highest priorities, aimed at developing government-wide perspectives on problem-solving and best practices.
  • Defense Senior Leader Development Program (DSLDP) - A two-year program designed to develop leaders capable of supporting DoD's strategic priorities, including war college attendance, leadership seminars, and strategic assignments.
  • Senior Service College (SSC)-Resident - A one-year resident program at one of the prestigious war colleges, developing critical, innovative, and ethical decision-makers prepared for significant responsibilities in the Army.
  • Army War College – Distance Education Program (DEP) - A two-year online program resulting in a Master's Degree in Strategic Studies aimed at fostering strategic leadership and critical thinking skills.
  • Army Senior Fellowship (ASF) - A program consisting of a 12-month industry training followed by 9 months of graduate-level courses, aimed at developing leadership competencies through hands-on experience in industry practices.
  • 179-Day Project-Based Development - A short-term assignment up to 179 days, offering a broadening experience through special projects or critical need positions to enhance the participant's contribution to the Army.
  • Harvard Senior Executive Fellows (SEF) - A four-week intensive program at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government for senior executives to sharpen their leadership and management skills in alignment with the OPM's Executive Core Qualifications.
  • Senior Manager Course in National Security Leadership (SMC) - A two-week program at George Washington University's Elliot School of International Affairs, preparing leaders to navigate the complex and volatile international security environment.
  • Leadership for a Democratic Society (LDS) - A four-week program at the OPM Federal Executive Institute that prepares GS-15 Army Civilians for senior-level leadership challenges, focusing on self-awareness, team-building, strategic thinking, and a deepened understanding of public service principles.

Mid-Level Program Modules:

  • Command and General Staff Officer College (CGSOC) - A 44-week resident course divided into a 15-week Common Core curriculum followed by the Advanced Operations Course. It expands knowledge in operational and tactical elements of the Army, with an option to earn a Master's degree in Military Strategies.
  • Command and General Staff Officer College (CGSOC)—Satellite - A 15-week course providing the Common Core curriculum of the CGSOC in satellite locations, including CAC-Leavenworth KS, Fort Belvoir VA, and Redstone Arsenal AL
  • Naval War College: Intermediate Level Course (NWC-ILC) - A 10-month program in Newport, RI, culminating in a Master of Arts in Defense and Strategic Studies. It develops skills in operational art, joint planning, and critical thinking and prepares participants for operational-level leadership challenges.
  • Executive Leadership Development Program (ELDP) - A 10-month DoD-level program with experiential learning opportunities, including senior leader engagement, military readiness activities, and TDY trips. Participants explore their leadership potential and develop strategic skills.
  • 90-Day Project-Based Development (ETM–TDY) - A 90-day career development assignment that broadens participants' experience through special projects, contributing to personal growth and Army knowledge enhancement
  • Leadership Shadowing Experience - A program where participants shadow a senior leader for up to 20 working days, offering firsthand experience of working at the Army enterprise level and the opportunity to develop professional networks and validate career perceptions

Entry-Level to Mid-Level Program Module:

  • The Defense Civilian Emerging Leader Program (DCELP) - A DoD leadership program for the civilian workforce. Participants learn self-knowledge, team building, organizational management, and a comprehensive understanding of DoD. There are two groups: "Big 3" for Acquisition, Financial Management and Human Resources, and "Open" for all functional communities. Four one-week in-person sessions in Norman, OK. The holistic approach emphasizes both classroom and real-world application, culminating with a Capstone project.