Symposium providing free continuing education credits, safety training

By JERROLD SCHARNINGHAUSEN, PH.D., Directorate of Analysis and Prevention, U.S. Army Combat Readiness Center, Fort Novosel, AlabamaMarch 6, 2024

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Safety and occupational health (SOH) professionals have a chance to earn free continuing education credits and training without the burden of travel or conference fees when the Naval Safety and Environmental Training Center’s 32nd Annual Joint Safety and Environmental Professional Development Symposium (PDS) convenes April 22-26.

The PDS is a professional development opportunity for Department of Defense uniformed and civilian professionals to share innovative ideas and new trends and information in the areas of SOH, environmental protection and industrial hygiene. Hosted online since 2013, the event is presented via the web conferencing tool Adobe Connect at no cost to presenters or attendees.

This year’s PDS will feature claimant meetings, keynote speakers and breakout sessions on a variety of topics. The U.S. Army Combat Readiness Center (USACRC) will present a session April 22 that will cover the Army Readiness Assessment Program (ARAP), aviation safety advancements, the Joint Risk Assessment Tool (JRAT), PMV-2 (motorcycle) mishap trends in the Army, operational research and systems analysis, and current Army Safety Management Information System (ASMIS) 2.0 training opportunities.

The USACRC will also present breakout sessions on the following subjects:

Title: ASMIS 2.0, Hazard Management

Date 22 April

Time: 1145-1345 EST

Title: ASMIS 2.0, Training and Education

Date: 22 April

Time: 1500-1600 EST

Title: ASMIS 2.0, Assessments, Inspections and Surveys

Date: 23 April

Time: 1130-1330 EST

Title: Safety Program Management in ASMIS 2.0

Date: 23 April

Time: 1200-1300 EST

Title: Using ASMIS 2.0 to Develop, Assign and Manage a Job Hazard Analysis/Job Safety Analysis/Activity Hazard Analysis. The Bridge Between the Safety Office and Organizational Supervisors.

Date: 25 April

Time: 1300-1400 EST

Additional breakout sessions from government, industry and academic agencies will also be presented and may cover anything within the following broad topics:

  • General safety
  • Operational safety
  • Occupational safety and health
  • Health and safety for disaster response and recovery
  • Industrial hygiene
  • Occupational medicine
  • Radiation and laser safety
  • Environmental protection

Video recordings of the training sessions also will be available to registered participants after the event ends.

The PDS continues to grow both in the number of attendees and topics offered. Last year’s symposium provided 100-plus education sessions to more than 2,900 registered participants from 50 states, one U.S. territory and 35 countries. Participants’ backgrounds ranged from safety, industrial hygiene, environmental, occupational health, public health, radiation health and occupational medicine.

To register for this year’s PDS, log into the website below and complete the form:

Please contact the PDS committee at if you have questions regarding this event.