The Synchronized Pre-deployment and Operational Tracker, by the U.S. Department of Defense, won a 2009 Identity Deployment of the Year Award at the CSO magazine's Digital ID World conference in Las Vegas, Nev., Sept. 15, along with six other applications.

"Winners of the 2009 IDDY Award reflect the evolving identity landscape, where applications are leveraging a wide range of protocols and collaboration is key to moving the global identity industry forward," said Brett McDowell, executive director, Kantara Initiative. "With more joint submissions than any other year and nominations spanning industries and regions, we congratulate the winning applications for demonstrating some of the most innovative and diverse identity solutions in the marketplace today."

SPOT is a web-based enterprise networking solution used by the DoD for precise tracking and management of assets supporting U.S. forces deployed overseas. The contractor cross-credentialing system with SPOT has been developed and launched in collaboration between DoD and commercial industry which provides a federated model for certified identity credentials. The system recognizes identity credentials issued by various government entities as well as compatible, standards-based, certified identity credentials issued by industry to support identity-based transactions between the U.S. government, various international coalition governments, and supporting industry contractors and suppliers. SPOT provides visibility into contingency contracts accounting for 10,439 companies and 3,783 active contracts, with the system supporting more than 12,650 end users.

"The Army and other services invest substantial resources into enrolling and vetting contractors supporting Department of Defense missions," said Niels Biamon, deputy G3/5 for Current Operations, U.S. Army Materiel Command. "We are vigorously pursuing the ability to incorporate and utilize information collected by identity management, base authorization and biometric systems to provide commanders better management information on contracted capabilities and the contractor workforce. Enabling commanders and planners to view and understand the contracted capability through the SPOT program shortens response time and acts as a force multiplier."

Now in its fourth year, the IDDY program has grown within Kantara Initiative to recognize the individuals and organizations developing identity-enabled applications built using any open identity technology. Judges evaluate nominations based on criteria that include the benefits applications deliver to communities, businesses, governments and people; the ROI the application demonstrates; and how the solution may successfully address identity issues such as reducing identity theft, meeting regulatory requirements, and providing users with increased security and privacy protection.