Excellent performance in commodities

By Sgt. Maj. Kelvin Windham, AMC G4February 13, 2024

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The Army Materiel Command’s Excellent Performance in Commodities initiative focuses on resources and updating policies, procedures and programs. The intent is to drive change at the point of need to deliver ready combat formations. By design, this initiative deliberately supports the Chief of Staff of the Army’s Logistics Excellence Awards program by synchronizing logistics commodity stakeholders’ ability to evaluate progress in obtaining and maintaining the logistical readiness levels required to be sustained at echelon from the Joint Strategic Area to the tactical edge of the battlefield. This initiative is designed to evolve and enhance logistical culture throughout the Army and produce positive and lasting effects.

EPIC focuses on maintenance and supply commodities. Each category has a scorecard comprised of eight performance measures that drive unit readiness. Each performance measure is tracked to measure the unit's measure of performance and measure of effectiveness. The performance measures for maintenance consist of non-mission capable equipment status, equipment status maintenance report, modification work orders, safety message compliance, modification management information system and software message receipt confirmation. The performance measures for supply are divesture/redistribution, turn-in, transfer, property book alignment, excess without proposed sourcing decisions, Organizational Clothing and Individual Equipment storefront total number of transactions, lateral transfers, end-of-life items, inventories and inventory adjustment summary.

The EPIC scorecard will be located on the Army’s Vantage platform, which is a cloud-based system and knowledge management portal that provides a data-centric capability that commanders at echelon can use to drive readiness through predictive logistics analyses. The scores from the EPIC scorecards will be compiled from both categories at the end of every fiscal year, and the command with the highest cumulative score will be recognized at the sustainment warfighting forum, which takes place annually at Fort Gregg-Adams, Virginia, by retired Command Sgt. Maj. James K. Sims. The EPIC award is presented to the command with the highest score on the EPIC scorecard.

Sims is the chief executive officer for JKS Expert Solutions, LLC. Sims retired in October 2017 after 33 years of honorable service as the 15th command sergeant major of AMC at Redstone Arsenal, Ala., from December 2013 to March 2017. Sims was a board member of the Sergeants Major Senior Enlisted Council, where he provided advice, counsel, guidance and mentorship throughout the command and across the Army.

EPIC is a force multiplier for the Army which enables AMC to deliver ready combat formations across multi-domain environments with predictable logistics. Using the EPIC scorecard, AMC is putting discipline in the process to achieve readiness goals and recognize those excelling in the readiness categories.