Contracting essential to multinational readiness exercises
1 / 2 Show Caption + Hide Caption – Capt. Khalid Salim receives feedback from contracting officer representatives and unit personnel on effectiveness of contractor support during the Joint Pacific Multinational Readiness Center 24-01 exercise at Fort Shafter, Hawaii. Salim is a contracting officer with the 413th Contracting Support Brigade. (Photo Credit: Ben Gonzales) VIEW ORIGINAL
Contracting essential to multinational readiness exercises
2 / 2 Show Caption + Hide Caption – Capt. Dell Barnes talks with an allied partner on contracted support received and differences in international contracting during the Joint Pacific Multinational Readiness Center 24-01 exercise at Fort Shafter, Hawaii. Barnes is a contracting acquisitions intern with the 413th Contracting Support Brigade. (Photo Credit: Courtesy) VIEW ORIGINAL

FORT SHAFTER, Hawaii (Feb. 8, 2024) – The 413th Contracting Support Brigade staff applied key contracting concepts to enhance the Joint Pacific Multinational Readiness Center exercises recently in the U.S. Army Pacific’s large-scale exercise on Oahu and Hawaii Island.

Through streamlining of the contracting process and fostering a collaborative environment, the Contracting Detachment Alpha staff of the 921st Contracting Battalion ensured that mission partners – including forces from the U.S., United Kingdom, Indonesia, Thailand, and New Zealand – had the resources needed for the rigorous combat scenarios and real-world combat preparedness throughout the fall exercise.

Members of Contracting Detachment Alpha remained consistently engaged with 25th Infantry Division leadership during the Joint Pacific Multinational Readiness Center exercises through championing of the operational contracting cell and promoting integration of contracting effects at all levels in the 25th ID. Contracting Detachment Alpha’s adept management of a multitude of requirements showcased their capability to allocate resources effectively, ensuring that troops were equipped with the resources and systems needed as well as quality of life and basic life support services.

Additionally, leadership of Contracting Detachment Alpha provided business advice to 25th ID leaders introducing cost benefit analyses and implementation approaches to save time and money for this and future execution of Joint Pacific Multinational Readiness Center exercises.

The 413th CSB's role in facilitating joint operations with partner countries aligned seamlessly with the overarching goal of achieving readiness and interoperability. As execution of contracting effects were taking place, Contracting Detachment Alpha members engaged with partner force service members and leadership to gauge the effectiveness of the support provided. As concerns arose, they were quickly addressed with corrective actions, ensuring the war fighting forces could focus on training and building readiness.

“Theater contracts remain instrumental in supporting Joint Pacific Multinational Readiness Center exercises and are critical to sustaining and enhancing operational readiness in the theater,” said Col. Jason Miles, the 413th CSB commander. “Contracting in the Pacific is critical to the Army’s ability to demonstrate enduring effects, military readiness and international interoperability goals. By driving planning and decision-making processes, the 413th CSB staff helped to transform mission partners into a more agile, flexible, and lethal warfighting force. The brigade's strategic prowess in enabling mission partners, executing contracts with precision, integrating multinational forces, setting the theater, and fostering operational contracting effects in the Indo-Pacific exemplifies their commitment to excellence.”

As the Joint Pacific Multinational Readiness Center 24-01 exercise unfolded, the 413th CSB staff actively contributed to setting the theater in the Indo-Pacific through the provision of business advice and application of pointed contracting effects throughout the exercise. Staging the exercise in Hawaii becomes a critical element, allowing Soldiers to train in unique Pacific environments alongside other U.S. military members and foreign allies. This strategic positioning underscores the brigade's dedication to providing Soldiers with real-world training experiences and providing world-class support that mirrors the challenges of the Pacific. As the exercise progressed, the brigade's impact on readiness and interoperability became increasingly evident, solidifying their role as a transformative force in the military landscape.

"The success of this year's Joint Pacific Multinational Readiness Center exercise was a testament to the benefit and value of partnership between contracting teams and a unit's operational contracting support integration cell driving increased synchronization but, importantly, delivering better tailored contracts at lower costs," said Lt. Col. Christopher May, the 921st CBN commander. “In the complex web of multinational forces, the contracting team exceled at integrating contracting support while synchronizing with mission partners.”

The 413th CSB staff is ready to execute the next round of Joint Pacific Multinational Readiness Center in Alaska in February.

The men and women of the 413th CSB plan, synchronize and execute theater support contracting across the U.S. Army Pacific region. In addition, brigade members provide expeditionary contracting support to joint forces across the Pacific.

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