WHEELER ARMY AIRFIELD, Hawaii -- Many members of the Army family have often remarked that the only thing certain in their lives is uncertainty.

With this thought in mind, Soldiers, civilians and their family members must be ready for anything at a moment's notice.

This month, the U.S. Army Combat Readiness/Safety Center (USACRSC) joins forces with the Ready Army team to observe National Preparedness Month and encourage every member of the Army family to commit themselves to a constant state of readiness.

"Things like permanent changes of station, deployments and natural disasters force every Soldier, civilian and family member to be ready for anything at anytime," said Col. Scott Thompson, deputy commander, USACRSC. "I encourage every member of our Army family to take time during this national observance to ask yourself if you are truly ready for anything."

National Preparedness Month is a six-year-old observance held each September to encourage citizens to make preparedness a top priority in their lives.

"The time to take responsibility for our military families and communities is before a disaster strikes," said Sylvia Scully, assistant emergency plans officer, Directorate of Emergency Services, U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii. "We can avoid the risks associated with disaster by making a kit, developing a family emergency plan and being informed of the possible disasters in our area."

This year, campaign organizers are asking Americans to look beyond a working fire alarm or extra food in the pantry to better understand what it truly means to be ready for anything.

"An Army family that is properly prepared for anything enhances the readiness of our force," Thompson said. "The right plan, the right kit and the right information all combine to increase the resilience of our "band of brothers and sisters" in the face of whatever challenges we might encounter."

Organizers have assembled a wealth of tools and tips to help people assemble emergency kits and be informed of threats unique to their areas. These tools and tips, which feature lists of what to include in emergency kits and how to assemble a family emergency plan, can be found at www.ready.gov or www.ready.army.mil.

Ready Army Campaign posters and brochures will be available and handed out at the annual celebration of the Boys & Girls Club Day for Kids at the Helemano School Age center, Saturday.

"Take time to prepare now," Thompson said. "There are so many uncertainties in our lives today; don't let your safety or your preparedness be counted among them."

In Hawaii, June through November is hurricane season, but the threat of the H1N1 flu coming back with a serious second wave in October is also a concern, said Scully.

For more information about preparing for and mitigating the risk of a variety of on- and off-duty activities, visit https://safety.army.mil.

(Editor's Note: Information obtained from a U.S. Army Combat Readiness/Safety Center news release, and Kyle Ford, U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii Public Affairs, contributed local reporting.)