Responsible Drawdown: Third Army's ARCENT Support Element-Iraq

What is it'

Third Army's U.S Army Central (ARCENT) support element to Iraq (ASE-I) is a team of teams with a wide range of specialists that accomplish the task of responsibly drawing down forces and materiel from Iraq while transferring equipment to Afghanistan and throughout the Army for reset. Embedded in Multi-National Corps -Iraq , ASE-I's mission is to synchronize, coordinate and direct the execution of equipment retrograde from the Iraqi in order to meet Department of Defense, Combatant Command and Department of the Army requirements to ensure compliance with all aspects of the Iraqi Security Agreement. ASE-I's goal is to rapidly generate theater and DA guidance for the final disposition of equipment and supplies forward within 96-hours of MNC-I's notification period.

What has ASE-I done'

ASE-I conducted parallel planning with MNC-I and MNF-I in support of the Responsible Drawdown. ASE-I include provided disposition for approximately 38,000 pieces of equipment; synchronizing retrograde efforts and planning between Third Army, MNF-I and MNC-I; and Army Material Command and DA. ASE-I developed systems and conducted analysis to allow for better business practices, streamlining processes that assist in the Responsible Drawdown in Iraq and the buildup in Afghanistan.

What are ASE-I's continued efforts'

Third Army's ASE-I partnered with AMC's newly established Retrograde and Reset Task Force to provide rapid disposition and reset of all forces and materiel retrograding out of Iraq while balancing the flow of equipment and materiel throughout the United States Central Command (CENTCOM) area of operations.

Why is ASE-I important to the Army'

Third Army's ASE-I provides continuous, uninterrupted, world-class sustainment of U.S. forces. It plays a key role in providing the necessary command and control and common operating picture for removing all equipment from Iraq by the end of 2011 while building up forces in Afghanistan and setting the conditions to restore strategic readiness in the Army.


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