80th Anniversary of B-24 Bomber crash near Lago di Fimon

By AFN Vicenza: Staff Sgt. Brandon RickertJanuary 5, 2024

Quotes by Lt. Col. John Wildt, 307th Military Intelligence Battalion Commander

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“Today, we had a joint ceremony with the mayor of Arcugnano and some of the local US and Italian veterans to commemorate a bombing raid during World War two. That happened exactly 80 years ago today, at this spot where one of the American bombers was shot down. All 10 crew members either perished or became prisoners of war.”

“Events like this are so important because first of all, the Italians are our hosts here in this country. And any time that they invite us to be involved with something that they're doing, I think we have to make it matter. But I think more importantly than that though, you know, Winston Churchill said the only thing harder than fighting with allies is fighting without allies and the Italians are great allies for the Americans and have been for a long time.”

1 minute AFN Vicenza In Focus story about the B-24 Memorial Ceremony at Lago Di Fimon, Italy on December 28th, 2023 marking the 80th Anniversary of the crash of the bomber Ready Willing and Able.

“And so by coming out to events like this, we strengthen those ties, we make sure that they will be there to support our families, should we deploy from this location. And also, just to make sure that they understand what our role is in the world and we understand their culture as well.”