YEAR IN REVIEW: JMC’s still ready, reliable, and lethal

By Matthew Wheaton, Joint Munitions Command, Public and Congressional AffairsDecember 28, 2023

YEAR IN REVIEW: JMC’s still ready, reliable, and lethal
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The Joint Munitions Command plays an integral part in ensuring that Soldiers and Warfighters are equipped with quality munitions in the correct locations on time, every time.

In 2023, JMC issued and received more than 300,000 short tons of ammunition for its customers, which includes all U.S. military services, and foreign governments, as well as federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies.

JMC, which has 17 subordinate arsenals, depots, and ammunition plants, managed a stockpile of munitions and missiles valued at $67.6 billion. Additionally, JMC demilitarized over 29,000 short tons of ammunition, and produced more than 700 million rounds of ammunition.

Partnership provides ammo in record time

With support from the U.S. Transportation Command, JMC distributed munitions in record time to support requirements.

USTRANSCOM’s mission is to project and sustain military power globally to assure U.S. allies and deter potential adversaries, and JMC has provided ammunition at a volume and velocity that the command has never done before.

Through special assignment airlift missions, JMC executes orders at the speed of relevance, and the capability to promptly respond to Presidential Drawdown directives has resulted in a continuous supply of ammunition to battlefields.

Secretary of the Army visits SCAAP

On Feb. 6, the Honorable Christine Wormuth, the Secretary of the Army, got a firsthand account of the beneficial work being done at the Scranton Army Ammunition Plant, a subordinate of JMC.

Wormuth talked about the need to ramp up production of 155-millimeter artillery shells. She also said the Army was investing $243 million for modernization efforts at SCAAP, which will improve efficiency at the plant and allow for production numbers to rise.

SCAAP is a leading producer of large-caliber artillery metal parts and components. Wormuth found the dedication and capabilities of the individuals in the workforce she conversed with at the government-owned, contractor-operated location to be remarkable.

Whicker makes trips to JMC’s headquarters

On two occasions, Marion Whicker, the executive deputy to the commanding general at the U.S. Army Materiel Command, tapped into her Midwest roots at JMC’s headquarters in Rock Island, Illinois.

During both stops on Arsenal Island, Whicker spoke openly and candidly with the members of JMC’s workforce. In March, she conducted a Management Business Review Level III meeting and praised the work JMC does.

In early December, Whicker, A Tier III Senior Executive Service member - equivalent to a three-star flag officer, dished career, and life advice to 50 newer members of JMC’s workforce. She emphasized that a work-life balance is essential, and also stated that hard work pays off for not only the Army, but the individual putting in the effort.

Environmental stewardship important

In support of its commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability, JMC implemented innovative initiatives in 2023.

At the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant, located in Independence, Missouri, existing environmental issues were tackled with new methods, and LCAAP received an environmental award for Environmental Restoration from Wormuth.

Using state-of-the-art technology, a thermal heating and extraction process began in early December 2022. The result was the removal of trichloroethylene — as a dense non-aqueous phase liquid — from the site at LCAAP, which operated as a disposal pit for nearly 20 years and closed in 1979.

The in situ thermal conduction remediation, or ISTCR, represents just one initiative within LCAAP's comprehensive environmental restoration program, initiated in 1980.

In August 2023, ground was broken for a new energetic waste incinerator at the Radford Army Ammunition Plant in Virginia. The facility will replace the need for the open burning ground, with the goal of using new environmentally friendly technology that operates with a better air-pollution control device.

Operation Patriot Press a valuable learning tool

In conjunction with the U.S. Army Reserve and National Guard, JMC annually conducts Operation Patriot Press. The exercises are designed to promote readiness by offering practical training that aligns with the Army's needs, aiming to fulfill Mission Essential Task requirements for Army active duty, Army Reserve, National Guard, and other service branches.

Twenty-eight units participated in 24 exercises. Soldiers met their annual training requirements and supported real-world missions through OPP-23, while realigning 3,804 short tons (274 twenty-foot equivalent units) of munitions across JMC’s enterprise.

OPP-23 provided an opportunity for units to enhance logistical readiness and total force integration by working directly with active-duty counterparts and Civilian workforce under JMC.

JMC welcomes new senior leaders

At the beginning of June, Col. Ronnie Anderson Jr. became the latest commander of JMC. He assumed control from Col. Landis Maddox.

In May, JMC welcomed Christopher Reaves as its 11th Command Sergeant Major. He replaced Petra Casarez, who relinquished responsibility at the end of February.