Performance Experts Coach Soldiers at Holistic Wellness Week

By Erik Moshe, Contractor, Ready and Resilient (R2) Performance CenterDecember 21, 2023

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Performance Experts (PEs) Kennisha Murphy and Kanata Omori from the National Capital Region (NCR) Ready and Resilient (R2) Performance Center joined personnel from Fort Belvoir Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR), Fort Belvoir Armed Forces Wellness Center (AFWC), and Alexander T. Augusta Military Medical Center for the sixth time in support of Navigating Operational Wellness (NOW). NOW is a holistic wellness education program created for leaders in the NCR to become informed, wellrounded wellness ambassadors for their units.

Omori taught an interactive lesson on performance enhancement skills to Soldiers to kickstart the week of training. Murphy and Omori also conducted hip-pocket performance training while the group learned exercises and completed the Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT).

“The hip-pocket training during the ACFT allows Soldiers to use performance skills in real time to see how they can be applied during performances and to identify times where their Soldiers could implement the skills,” Murphy says. “Application of the skills throughout the week enabled a greater understanding of performances and individual ability.”

In addition, Murphy and Omori, with assistance from other PEs, led participants through a resilience obstacle course, adding in mental components to each obstacle.

“The obstacle course allows students to learn how to work together as a team while coaching others on performance skills in the moment,” Omori says. “Students had a rich debrief discussion about the importance of talent management and cohesion for an effective team. Soldiers translated teamwork on the obstacle course to the real-life military workforce.”

According to Omori, the soldiers enjoyed the obstacle course. “They worked together to overcome physical and mental challenges while implementing some skills they learned throughout the week. Many Soldiers saw the obstacle course as an activity they could take back to their unit for a chance to bond with their Soldiers.”

After the course, a Soldier commented, “This course has helped me feel more confident in conducting unit MRT trainings. I now have specific resources to help me enhance trainings and be a more competent advocate for myself and my Soldiers.”

“We’re very proud of the training we worked together on with all of the installation resources located on Fort Belvoir,” Omori says. “It’s great when different organizations can come together to make a great product to complete the mission of taking care of our service members!”

Murphy conducted a leadership development workshop and a loaded ruck march through the wellness campus to conclude the week.

“The connection (Active Constructive Responding and Effective Praise) skills, along with strategies to build trust, equip leaders to initiate rapport with their Soldiers,” Murphy says. “They can provide advice for challenges the Soldiers may be experiencing or the baseline foundation of common behavior to identify if there are indicators present that the Soldier needs to seek help from outside resources.”

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