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The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Walla Walla District has finished rehabilitation work on Evans Levee in Jackson, Wyoming near the entrance to the Snake River canyon.

In 2022, USACE began work to remove over 2,500 tons of concrete from the face of Evans Levee. These concrete pieces included sidewalk slabs and rubble, along with chunks of building foundations. The pieces ranged from approximately 20 to 4,000 pounds and much included rebar and other steel protrusions, which created hazards to boaters.

The Walla Walla District has placed 2,700 tons of fill on the levee to improve the slope for riprap placement. 6,500 tons of basalt riprap, a more suitable levee covering, has replaced the concrete rubble. The new riprap will improve the levee’s resistance to spring flows.

The concrete rubble was placed on Evans Levee as riprap in the 1970s. Portions of the levee were originally constructed in 1966, 1969 and 1976 under various authorities. The Walla Walla District took over the operation and maintenance of Evans Levee in 1986.

Evans Levee is about 1.25 miles long and is only one of 23 levees maintained by the Walla Walla District near Jackson, Wyoming. The district maintains 33 total miles of levees in the area.