Cognitive and Caregivers Boot Camp (CCBC) Certificate Program

The Army is offering a Cognitive and Caregivers Boot Camp Certificate (CCBC) training program through AVOTEC (Army Vocational Technical) Program. The CCBC program provides an overview of brain injury, application of cognitive strategies (including use of handheld/PDA technology), and identifying and accessing appropriate resources within the community for individuals living with brain injury, caregivers, and/or professionals. All courses, PDA devices, and books for the certificate program are packaged together and are included in the program cost. Courses are offered online, can be completed in 8 months, and are an excellent option for students with demanding schedules or upcoming relocations.

This program was introduced at an IMCOM H3 (Heal, Help, Hire) Technical Assistance and Transition Workshop to Warriors in Transition, and has since become a fully funded course provided by the Army. Information about the course can be found at this link,

Soldiers must have an active account in GoArmyEd to enroll in AVOTEC. If they do not have a GoArmyEd account, the Soldier can go to the Army Education Center for assistance in acquiring an account and access to the GoArmyEd Portal. Help is also available in the Soldier Family Assistance Center (SFAC).

The Certificate Program provides cognitive retraining, socialization, and career development to promote individual responsibility and independence. Students learn strategies to compensate for deficits in:

Verbal skills
Figural skills
Critical Thinking

The program emphasizes teaching students to apply these skills to practical, real-life home and work environments. Course information and enrollment information can be found at For Soldiers, follow the links to register at the bottom of the Home Page. Complete the registration form which can be submitted online, and then select the Obtain TA link and follow the process to obtain your TA (Tuition Assistance).

For Spouses, The Department of Defense has expanded the Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts -- MyCAA -- for military spouses of active duty and activated Guard and Reserve service members worldwide. Qualified individuals receive up to $6,000 of financial assistance to help pay for licenses, certifications and education in high growth, high demand portable career fields. This source of funding can be used by students interested in participating in Coastline's Cognitive and Caregivers Boot Camp.

To enroll in the MyCAA program, please refer to the steps below:
o Please visit, to set up a MyCAA profile
o Use the School Search function under the Resources tab to select Coastline as your home institution.
o Call a Military OneSource Career/Education Consultant to begin establishing your career goal and Career Plan (1-800-342-9647).
o Enroll in your selected block of study or course at Coastline.
o Let your MOS Career/Education Consultant know you're ready to start your Career Plan.
o You will need to apply for Financial Assistance each session for the courses for which you register for that respective session.
o Financial Assistance is paid directly to Schools and other Payees registered in the AI Portal.
o Obtain a copy of your Financial Assistance Approval by selecting the "Print FA" button next to the courses for which you have registered. Forward a copy of the Financial Assistance Approval to Coastline prior to the close of registration. It may be emailed to, or faxed to (714) 241-6270.

Please contact (866) 422-2645 if you have questions about the Cognitive and Caregivers Boot Camp Certificate, the MyCAA Program, or Coastline's Military Spouses Program.

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