The Business Process Reengineering (BPR) Center of Excellence (CoE): Empowering the Army Enterprise to Transform Processes Through Innovative BPR

By Denise Kovalevich, Office of Enterprise Management (OEM)December 11, 2023

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Business Process Reengineering (BPR) is a management approach that aims to redesign and optimize business processes within an organization. Its mission is to achieve significant improvements in critical areas such as cost, quality, service, and speed. That’s why the BPR Center of Excellence (CoE), located at Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD, is integral to our organization. As the primary service provider and source of expertise for BPR Services across the Army, they empower the Army enterprise to transform processes through innovative BPR.

Specifically, the BPR CoE provides three core BPR services: Training, Advisory Support, and BPR Facilitation.

  • BPR Training Program – This program is designed to develop and certify BPR professionals that will lead their programs and commands to overcome Army business challenges through BPR. It consists of three tiers, Foundation, Intermediate, and Advanced, with each level building upon the previous one. Students who complete the full curriculum will achieve an Army BPR Professional Certification.  
  • Advisory Support – The team provides subject matter expertise, governance, technical assistance, and support through consultations on BPR projects facilitated outside of the BPR CoE team. 
  • BPR Facilitation – These services provide direct support to organizations across the Army enterprise to overcome challenges and deliver value. Through Functional Support Agreements, BPR professionals are available to provide a full suite of services to Army organizations. This includes providing expert assistance with BPR projects from capturing and analyzing the current state, to designing a more efficient and effective to-be process. 
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To find out more about the services that the BPR CoE has to offer, please visit the BPR CoE milSuite site: Here you will find tools, templates, and techniques that are most used in successful BPR projects, as well as register for the Foundation and Intermediate Training Courses.

To register for the BPR Foundation Training, please review the BPR Foundation Enrollment Instructions. Foundation is a prerequisite to the Virtual Instructor Lead (VILT) BPR Intermediate Course which can be registered for here: BPR Intermediate Registration.

FY24 BPR Intermediate Training Dates:
  • 22-26 January 2024 (last day to register is 8 January) 
  • 4-8 March 2024 (last day to register is 19 February) 
  • 15-19 April 2024 (last day to register is 1 April)