Army Contracting Command Soldiers, civilians and contractors support the warfighter worldwide, through the acquisition of goods and services vital to the Soldier's mission and wellbeing. As the Army's business conduit, ACC offers the contracting expertise of some of the best trained people in the Army, ready to support the warfighter while ensuring responsible stewardship of taxpayer's funds. ACC ensures contracting support to the warfighter as mission requirements emerge and as the Army transforms and moves within the United States and throughout the globe.

The Army Contracting Command (ACC) is dedicated to providing the highest quality of contracting support for the Soldier when and wherever needed. Working with our customers to understand their missions and business processes, ACC contract specialists employ sound business strategies to acquire the best in equipment and services for our warfighters at a fair price. Working in this collaborative environment includes:

Performing market research to identify potential sources of supplies and services;

Developing plans to ensure that the contract offers the best business solution for their customers;

Promoting adequate competition from both small and large businesses, educational institutions, and not-for-profit organizations;

Conducting negotiations to ensure that adequate terms and a reasonable price are achieved;
Evaluating proposals and making contract award decisions;

Applying regulations and policies when acquiring supplies and services for the Government;

Coordinating milestones with the other members of the acquisition team to measure the success of a contract;

Utilizing state-of-the-art business and e-commerce tools; and,

Displaying professionalism, promoting team unity, and adhering to policies regarding training, ethics, safety, and security.

Participants in the Army's Contracting Training Program ensure continuity of a professional, world-class, contracting, and acquisition workforce. This program provides highly qualified, talented, and motivated individuals the opportunity for accelerated promotions, career broadening assignments and specified training. .

Jump-start your career with a position on the Army Contracting Command team!

We offer paid internships (Army Contracting Training Program) throughout our worldwide organizations.

Army Contracting Command (ACC) is looking for highly qualified, talented, and motivated individuals.

We provide the opportunity for accelerated promotions, career broadening assignments and specified training.

ACC offers challenging and rewarding opportunities to achieve functional expertise and develop leadership skills that will enhance your ability to be competitive throughout your career.

Training Program

Contracting Training Program participants receive a combination of standardized formal and informal education. This education features intensive on-the-job training and skill-broadening assignments with the "world's largest acquisition organization." The robust and flexible training schedule allows program participants to develop the fundamental skills and knowledge needed through all stages of career development and progression.

Program Qualifications

Must be a U.S. citizen
Minimum of 24 academic hours in business related disciplines of accounting, business finance, law, contracts, purchasing, economics, industrial management, marketing, quantitative methods, and organization and management.

Ability to obtain and maintain a security clearance, and meet the following grade point average requirement:

Individuals with a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.95 or higher are eligible to be considered for contracting training program positions within the Army Career Training & Education Development System (ACTEDS). The ACTEDS interns are centrally funded by the Department of Army and typically begin at the GS-7/Step 1 level (or equivalent level in an alternative personnel system).

Individuals applying for the Local Intern Program are recruited to fill a specific authorized position with the Army Contracting Command, and must meet the same high standards as the Department of the Army ACTEDS-funded interns.

Individuals may come on-board at the GS-5 or GS-7 level (or equivalent level in an alternative personnel system), contingent upon their GPA (lower than 2.95 may qualify you to begin at the GS-5 level, and 2.95 and higher may qualify you to begin at the GS-7 level).

Local interns are subject to the same training requirements as ACTEDS-funded interns, must meet the same standards for development, and are placed in the full performance grade band upon completion of the internship period.

All applicants for ACTEDS and local intern programs must complete the basic requirements for program consideration. ACTEDS intern program participants must also sign a mobility agreement, which is a condition of employment. Mobility Agreement allows management to place graduating interns in available permanent target positions DA wide.

Who to Contact

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