Ft Detrick AIE Upgrade Flyer.pptx [PPTX - 109.4 KB]

Fort Detrick is implementing an upgrade to our Automated Installation Entry system at all our gates. As a result of the upgrades, old style AIE cards will not scan on our new system. This means that anyone who possesses the “old style” AIE card pictured in the attached flyer will not be able to scan at our gates and will have to re-register at the Visitor Control Center (VCC). To mitigate impact to our community, any individual who possesses a valid old style AIE card will still be granted access to the installation through 1 February 2024. This will give our community members time through the holiday season to re-register at the VCC. NOTE: Mobile registration is not available and community members will have to go the VCC to register.

VCC Operating Hours: Mon-Fri, 0600-1600 hours

VCC Phone Number: 301-619-0101

VCC Location: 9000 Amber Drive, Frederick, MD 21702