A Heartfelt Promotion: Capt. Knope Promotes Brother

By Col. James JonesDecember 5, 2023

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Fort Campbell, Kentucky – In a ceremony at Fort Campbell last week, Capt. Marjorie Knope, an aeromedical physician assistant and capability developer with the Medical Capability Development Integration Directorate (MED CDID) of the Army Futures Command (AFC), had the privilege of promoting her brother Peter Knope to Sgt. 1st Class.

The promotion ceremony was a proud moment for the Knope family marking a significant professional achievement and a touching family milestone. Peter Knope is a platoon sergeant in C Company (Air Ambulance) 6th Battalion,101st Aviation Regiment at Fort Campbell.

Peter Knope has demonstrated unwavering dedication and commitment to his profession. Marjorie Knope expressed immense pride in her brother's promotion and contributions to the Army's critical medical evacuation (MEDEVAC) mission.

"I couldn't be prouder of my brother and his commitment to Army Medicine, said Knope. We push each other to always be better and support each other when times are hard."

Knope added, "I’m honored to promote him and celebrate his achievement. I saw him graduate from the Critical Care Flight Paramedic program. He saw me graduate from the Interservice Physician Assistant Program and was my first salute as an officer. I’ve pinned him to Staff Sgt. and now to Sgt. 1st Class, so it’s sort of become a tradition now. We’ve been blessed to have crossed paths so many times or able to travel to be present at critical moments in our Army careers Marjorie explained."

Soldiers serving in MEDEVAC units is both demanding and vital, requiring exceptional skills and unwavering courage to provide immediate medical care to those in need, often in high-stress situations.

Peter Knope's journey to becoming a critical care flight paramedic and earning the rank of Sgt. 1st Class is a testament to his dedication to saving lives and serving his nation.

As the Knope family continues to support one another in their respective military careers, their story serves as a reminder of the strong bonds that unite military families and the dedication of service members to their country and each other.

The promotion ceremony held at Charlie Co. 6-101’s CAB hangar included fellow soldiers, family members, and colleagues, who all celebrated this special moment.

The Knope family's story is a reminder of the values of honor, dedication, and service that run deep within the military community. It serves as a testament to the strength of family bonds in the face of the challenges and rewards of military life.

Capt. Marjorie Knope and Sgt. 1st Class Peter Knope continue to serve with distinction and dedication to Army Medicine. They are an inspiration to all who have the privilege of knowing them.