Fort Riley leaders announce Employee of the Year

By Jennifer JamesNovember 30, 2023

Fort Riley leaders announce Employee of the Year
FORT RILEY, Kan. – Officer Troy Reed receives the Fort Riley Garrison Employee of the Year award for fiscal year 2023 during the Garrison Commander’s address to the workforce. Pictured left to right: Fort Riley Garrison Commander Col. Michael Foote, Director of Emergency Services Lead Security Guard Officer Troy Reed, Fort Riley Garrison Command Sgt. Maj. Jason Poulin. (U.S. Army Photo by Collen McGee, Fort Riley Public Affairs Office) (Photo Credit: Collen McGee) VIEW ORIGINAL

FORT RILEY, Kan. - During an address to the workforce on Nov. 17, Officer Troy Reed from the Directorate of Emergency Services was named Fort Riley’s Employee of the Year for fiscal year 2023.

Officer Reed joined the Fort Riley physical security team in June 2022 and was recently promoted to Lead Security Guard.

Reed was conducting operations at Henry Access Control Point July 8 when a Soldier, who had a piece of clothing wrapped around his hand, arrived, and asked for help. Reed took charge of the situation, keeping the Soldier calm while assessing the severity of the injury. He closed his access lane and communicated with the other guards to maintain security and traffic flow while he gathered emergency medical supplies. Using his medical training he treated a deep laceration, stopped the bleeding, cleaned the wound, and wrapped it with gauze and bandage. His quick action allowed first responders to prioritize resources to other incidents.

During that same shift, patrols were conducting random anti-terrorism measures and Reed observed a vehicle that avoided a vehicle search by pulling into the parking lot of the Visitor Control Center instead of continuing through the ACP. Identifying the action as suspicious, he continued to observe the vehicle noticing that no one ever exited to enter the visitor control center and the occupants were watching the search team. When another vehicle was selected for the search, the first vehicle proceeded to the gate to try to gain entrance onto the installation. Reed notified the patrols of what he had observed, and the patrols directed the vehicle to the search lane. The smell of marijuana in the vehicle was identified which led to a search and discovery of drugs and contraband. Due to Reed’s observations, the individuals were processed and charged accordingly.

“I’m really happy that (Officer Reed) has been recognized,” said Mike Magar, lead physical security specialist. “He doesn’t just do this for us. He’s even a lead for security for our Kansas City Chiefs on game day. He takes this job seriously and we’re really proud to have him here doing that for our community and helping keep us safe.”

When asked to say a few words, Reed said “I can say that I work with a great group of people. We take the security pretty serious. It’s kind of personal for a lot of us. We love the post and we love the people in it.”

The Fort Riley Garrison Employee of the Year candidates are chosen from submissions for Employee of the Month throughout the year. The winner for each month is submitted for Employee of the Quarter and at the end of the fiscal year, the four quarterly winners contend for Employee of the Year. This year there were 43 total nominations from garrison agencies across Fort Riley.

You can find the presentation for Employee of the Year for fiscal year 2023 at