Maj. Gen. Mihail Popov Inducted into U.S. Army War College’s International Hall of Fame

By Robert MartinNovember 21, 2023

Maj. Gen. Mihail Popov Inducted into U.S. Army War College’s International Hall of Fame
IHOF inductee Maj. Gen. Mahail Popov, Commander of the Bulgarian Land Forces address the class of 2024 at Carlisle Barracks's Bliss Auditorium, Nov. 7 (Photo Credit: Robert Martin) VIEW ORIGINAL

On November 7, 2023, the U.S. Army War College celebrated with Maj. Gen. Mihail Popov, the Bulgarian Land Force Commander and 2006 graduate, became the 83rd inductee into the Army War College's International Hall of Fame.

Popov's career started with graduating from the Vassil Levski National Military University in 1985 as a Reconnaissance Platoon Commander. He was deployed to Iraq in 2004 as the 3rd Infantry Battalion Commander. Popov served as the Deputy Commander of the Bulgarian Land Forces from 2015 to 2017 and was promoted to his current rank and position in April 2017.

During the induction ceremony, Lt. Gen. Popov, addressing the class of 2024 of U.S. Army War College students, shared his valuable experience gained from his extended military knowledge and acknowledged the challenges and opportunities that awaited the students during their time at the War College and encouraged them to utilize this period for strategic thinking.

"I don't envy you for the time you are about to spend at the U.S. Army War College," said Lt. Gen. Popov. "Use this time to think about the outcome of potential crises and how to prevent or resolve them as military leaders."

Lt. Gen. Popov also emphasized the importance of building relationships and understanding the institutional culture of the U.S. Army, expressing confidence that this understanding would pave the way for effective collaboration, not only within the military but also in addressing complex issues on a broader political scale.

"The fact that the world will be at peace soon is very small," Lt. Gen. Popov noted. "The relationship that you are building at the War College will help you, whenever possible, to solve complex problems together as military leaders and, why not, as political leaders."

Popov also offered his heartfelt wishes for an enjoyable stay at Carlisle and success in the students' military careers and beyond. Maj. Gen. Mihail Popov's induction into the U.S. Army War College's International Hall of Fame honors his achievements but demonstrates a commitment to recognizing and celebrating global military leadership.