FORT STEWART, Ga. Games, food and fun set the tone for single troops of the Marne Division as the Fort Stewart Better Opportunity for Single Soldiers program hosted Single Soldier Appreciation Week, Sept. 2-3. The event not only spotlighted single Soldiers, but helped boost Soldier morale and enhance Soldiers' quality of life.

Sergeant Gary Worley, 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team's BOSS representative, said Single Soldier Appreciation Week was another way for unit leadership to show support for their troops.

"We are here to help Soldiers progress and to give them a little time to have fun," Sgt. Worley said. "This is an opportunity for all the single Soldiers to come out, have a day off of work, enjoy themselves, play some sports and enjoy a little competition within our brigades."

Single Soldiers and geographical bachelors throughout the 3rd Infantry Division, as well as other tenant units on Fort Stewart, formed teams and went head-to-head in the two-day competition that featured softball, flag football, combatives, basketball and bowling.

Additionally, the installation opened a new and improved Rocky's Zone, a bar and nightclub that originally opened in 2007 to combat drunk driving and has since progressed into an on-post hangout spot for Soldiers to enjoy the latest video games, ping-pong, air hockey, pool and basketball. Rocky's Zone also offers Soldiers an in-home theatre, big-screen TVs and a dance floor.

Though Single Soldier Appreciation Week was full of friendly competition, the event also offered Soldiers an opportunity to bond with other troops from throughout the division.

"We are combining everybody (of all military occupational specialties) to make one team effort and this will build collectively over the year," Sgt. Worley said.

For some Soldiers, the day was all about team building. Specialist Matthew Miller, 3rd Battalion, 7th Infantry Regiment, 4th IBCT, said it is important for the division to have events like this so Soldiers can build camaraderie.

"It makes you feel good to see that everybody is having a good time," Spc. Miller said. "It's nice to see everybody having fun on a work day."

As the 3rd ID is readying its troops for upcoming deployments, the appreciation week provided single Soldiers some relief, said Spc. Miller.

"The reason (the BOSS program) wanted to put this event on is because this is the first time all of the brigades have really been back at the same time," Spc. Miller said. "So, they wanted to do something fun before the brigades deploy again."

At the end of the Single Soldier Appreciation Week, scores were tallied from each event and the 4th IBCT was announced the overall winner.

For more information on upcoming BOSS activities, contact your unit BOSS representative or call 767-5119.