Automated Installation Entry website makes base access easier

By Jefferson WolfeNovember 17, 2023

New online Automated Installation Entry website makes base access easier
A screen capture from Nov. 17, 2023 shows what the Army's new Automated Installation Entry website looks like. The site provides visitors an easier way to submit requests to access the post through the website without having to submit information via e-mail. (Photo Credit: Jefferson Wolfe) VIEW ORIGINAL

FORT GREGG-ADAMS, Va. — Starting Monday, there will be a new and easier way to gain installation access before coming to the post in person.

Potential visitors who do not have a DoD ID card will be able to pre-register online for access using an Automated Installation Entry website, according to James Wilson, the installation physical security chief. Once vetting is complete, applicants will receive a reply letting them know if access is granted or denied.

The pre-vetting will help prevent entry delays for patrons coming onto the installation, Wilson said.

“I have seen many times where personnel show up to the installation 10-15 minutes prior to their service member’s graduation and end up being a little late because the vetting was not conduced prior to their arrival,” he said. “Using this service will provide for an ease of access for those wishing to enter Fort Gregg-Adams.”

There are several other benefits to pre-registration.

The approved visitors can go directly to Access Control Points without the need to go to the Visitor Control Center first.

It also eliminates the need to transfer Personally Identifiable Information through email, which the current method of pre-registration requires.

Instead of downloading and e-mailing a .pdf form, the applicant will input the required information into the fields on the website, which is transmitted securely for processing.

In addition, pre-registration will identify potential concerns for entry prior to travel and allow for time for rejected applicants to submit a waiver.

The computer system conducts electronic identity verification against Department of Motor Vehicles data, using a state identification card or driver’s license. It also verifies the individual’s social security number and retrieves the person’s photo from the DMV.

In addition, the system performs an automated criminal background check, by retrieving any criminal history information from state databases and comparing the data against a pre-defined list of criteria as determined by Army Regulation 190-13.

Applicants also will have to comply with the new REAL ID requirements after Jan. 1, 2024, Wilson said.

The system will not check to see if a person’s ID being used for verification is REAL ID compliant. If not, the visitor will be required to show a second approved identification document, such as a U.S. passport or a certified birth certificate.

More on the Fort Gregg-Adams implementation of REAL ID requirements is at