SCHOFIELD BARRACKS, Hawaii - Brazilian Lieutenant General Gustavo Henrique Dutra de Menezes, G5 Director Brazilian Army International Affairs, paid a visit to the 25th Infantry Division, Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, Oct. 17, 2023.

The visit marked a milestone in the diplomatic and military relations between Brazil and the United States, focusing on the crucial aspects of interoperability and partnership.

Dutra and his staff had a chance to experience the history of the 25th Infantry Division and received a showcase of the installation.

The entourage then made its way east of the Wahiawa plains to Lightning Academy, where Dutra was welcomed and reunited by Cpt. Maclean Lalor, commander of the Lightning Academy.

Having met Lalor in Brazil earlier this year during a U.S. Army key leader conference, Dutra saw joy in seeing a familiar face in Lalor as they greeted each other.

While at Lightning Academy, Dutra observed the Jungle Operations Training Course (JOTC) training as candidates practiced land navigation skills for an upcoming evaluation.

“We aim to send two of our own to Jungle School this year. It’s great to witness this firsthand what these Soldiers go through,” said Dutra. “We hope to send even more into the Jungle!”

Migrating from the JOTC class, Dutra and the entourage were met by Staff Sgt. Bryan Dabous, Senior Instructor for Small Unit Ranger Tactics Course (SURT).

The Pre-Ranger Course, which aids soldiers in preparation for Ranger School, focuses on building candidates up physically and mentally, and it has proven to be the most effective method of preparing Soldiers for these challenging schools.

During the visit with one evaluation lane in particular, going over the disassembly lane for the M4 Carbine rifle, Dutra looked at the rifle with a feeling of familiarity.

“The M4 is one of our rifles of choice we use in Brazil and an outstanding rifle that has served us well through our forces.”

The visit concluded with the viewing of the training of the Special Patrol Insertion/ Extraction System (SPIES).

This course masters’ skills in order to stay vigilant while teaching how to insert and extract Soldiers in the most restrictive and challenging terrain typical of the world’s jungles.

As the visit concluded, Dutra and Lalor embrace and say their final goodbyes.

“I hope to see you again in the future, my friend; thank you for your hospitality.” Said Dutra.

As both nations continue to work towards enhancing their joint capabilities, the partnership sends a powerful message of unity and collaboration to the international community. Through shared experiences and mutual respect, Brazil and the United States are paving the way for a more secure and stable world. This visit serves as a testament to the enduring bond between these two nations and their shared commitment to global peace and security.