$6 million grants to military-connected schools from the Department of Defense

By U.S. Army Garrison Hawaii Public AffairsOctober 6, 2023

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WHEELER ARMY AIRFIELD, HI (4 October 2023) – U.S. Army Garrison Hawaii is thrilled to announce this year’s Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) recently awarded grants to military-connectedschools in Hawaii. This investment represents $6 million in Fiscal Year 24 funding to support military-connected student achievement.

“These grants make a huge difference to our schools and help DoE create improved educational opportunities.” said Col. Steve McGunegle, Commander U.S. Army Garrison Hawaii, “Fostering students' interest in project based learning in math, computer science and general studies with a STEM focus will greatly benefit our students and community,” McGunegle said.

The Hawaii State Department of Education complex areas serving military children who received grants

are Campbell-Kapolei Complex area received $2 million, the Leilehua-Mililani-Waialua received $2M, and the Kailua-Kalaheo complex area received just under the $2 million mark ($1.99M).

A further breakdown of the specific grant awards for local school districts and the targeted subject areas of study are:

  • $2M: Leilehua-Mililani-Waialua Schools. Agricultural Technology Innovation Project (ATIP): Ensures that students from the Leilehua-Mililani Waialua Complex Area (LMW) will develop a strong foundation in STEM integration. The goal is that students and staff have the opportunity to imagine, design, and incorporate the engineering design process for sustainable food production whereby learning will encompass technological integration, culinary entrepreneurship and innovative agricultural practices.
  • $2M: Campbell-Kapolei Complex Schools. Pohaku kumu – Foundation Stones for Math Achievement: Will strengthen math achievement for military-connected students at 8 targeted schools over 4.5 years by enhancing in class instruction through integration of Project Based Learning (PBL) within the rigorous expectations of Hawaii Common Core Math standards. Military-connected students at targeted schools will have opportunities to utilize technology daily in tandem with PBL to make mathematical learning more engaging.
  • $1.99M: Kailua-Kalaheo Complex Schools. Kulia i ka nu`u: Striving for Excellence in Developing Computational Thinkers through Enriching Computer Science and Math Education: More military-connected students will build the knowledge and skills to thrive in our increasingly digital world and teachers will expand their capacity to increase engagement and achievement in mathematics for military-connected students so that more students will be proficient by 8th grade and able to pursue their passions in a variety of programs of study in the high school and post-secondary levels.

This is the third year that DoDEA has awarded grants to the Kailua-Kalaheo complex area with $2 million in 2022, and the fourth consecutive year of grant awards for the Campbell-Kapolei complex area withtotal of $1.75 million in 2022 and 2021.

The DoDEA grants are focused on improving educational outcomes, narrowing achievement gaps, and providing access to academic programs that promote continuity in districts with a high population of military-connected students. The grants focus on Military Connected Academic, and Support Programs and World Language Advancement and Readiness.

The DoDEA grant program has proven to be a powerful tool over the past decade, providing resources to school districts educating approximately one million military-connected students in 36 states. Since 2009, DoDEA has awarded over 600 grants, totaling more than $716 million. These grants have impacted more than 3 million students in more than 140 local education agencies across the United States.

The DoDEA Education Partnership and Resources division’s work extends to military-connected students in U.S. and foreign locations that are not directly served by a DoDEA school. Through collaboration with multiple internal and external partners, technical assistance, resources and support are provided to facilitate continuity of education and equitable learning experiences for military-connected transitioning students PreK-grade 12. Learn more about DoDEA Grants at www.dodea.edu/partnership.