Signs outside the Redstone gates remind commuters that weapons on post must be registered.
Signs outside the Redstone gates remind commuters that weapons on post must be registered. (Photo Credit: Erin Elise Enyinda ) VIEW ORIGINAL

Motorists may have noticed signs as they approach the gates informing commuters that “unregistered weapons are prohibited on Redstone Arsenal.”

The inverse of that message – registered weapons are allowed on Redstone Arsenal – isn’t exactly true either.

The truth is some registered weapons, like those used by hunters taking advantage of Outdoor Recreation’s hunting program or other shooting activities and the ones belonging to people who reside on Redstone, are allowed on post. Handguns and any other firearms that aren’t spelled out in the post’s regulations are not.

According to Deputy Police Chief Dennis Brown, the number of weapons that are being confiscated at the gates has ticked up over the last six months, with the number of firearms being found at the gate in the third and fourth quarters of the year exceeding the number of firearms found during the first and second quarters of the year.

“We have increased again this month,” Brown said. “So if you’ve come into the gates today or the rest of week, you’ll see some extra signage out there reminding you that weapons have to be registered here on the installation.”

Brown added people who need to register a weapon can stop by the police station to have that taken care of.

“I just want to reiterate that it is a federal facility and weapons are not authorized to be on a federal facility, which is counter to the surrounding area in Alabama,” Garrison Command Sgt. Maj. Dylan Lemasters said. “In this case we have to abide by the more stringent law, so that’s what we’re gong to abide by.”

He added that there could be an increase in inspections at the gate since there’s been a spike in weapon-related violations at the gates.

“Just put it out to your people,” he said. “That may help kind of educate them on not bringing weapons on post.”