Whenever you're asked, "How are you today'" do you usually respond with "fine" or some other quick response'

It might be because you think the person asking really isn't interested in your answer.

That isn't the case with the Installation Management Command (IMCOM) Customer Service Assessment. IMCOM values community input about how garrison services are being delivered to Soldiers, families and other community members.

The Customer Service Assessment (CSA) is an online survey that will be available to more than 70 Army garrisons worldwide.

The survey asks participants to rate how important a particular garrison service is and how well it is provided. Based on initial demographic questions, participants will be directed to evaluate services that they might routinely use, so that their responses can be more meaningful.

Demographic questions also helps streamline the automation so that completing the survey should take no more than 15 minutes.

Once the survey window closes, data analysis will be conducted and the results reported back to each garrison.

The garrison commander can use the results, along with other measures, to determine what services are most important to his or her community and unit leadership. Additionally, results can indicate what service or program is underused and which ones are under-performing.

This survey is the second annual CSA that has been conducted. The results of the first assessment, conducted in October 2008, are considered base-line indicators.

Garrison commanders will be able to compare this year's data results with that of 2008 to see if services and programs have changed in either importance or performance.

Ultimately, the objective of the CSA is to help garrison commanders provide the best quality services to support Soldiers, families and the community.

The CSA is only one of many tools available to the community to provide feedback about garrison services. Another tool that is always available is the Interactive Customer Evaluation system, or ICE.

With ICE, individuals can submit comments directly to service providers to help address any concerns or to acknowledge excellent service.

Additionally, at U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii, community members can ask questions about the garrison through the "Ask the Garrison Commander" program, which can be accessed at the garrison Web site, www.garrison.hawaii.army.mil.

The Customer Service Assessment can be accessed at www.myarmyvoice.org. It is open to all community members and will be available through Sept. 18.

(Editor's Note: This article ran in the Hawaii Army Weekly, the post newspaper for U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii. Anyone who lives, works or plays on any installation is welcome to take the survey.)