SGM Academy Fellowship Alumni make CSL

By Andrew SmithSeptember 26, 2023

The Non Commissioned Officer Leadership Center of Excellence (NCOLCoE) has long worked to train the best possible enlisted leaders for the U.S. Army and sister services. Recently five instructors at the Sergeant Major’s Academy (SGM-A) were named on the Command Selection List (CSL). These instructors will soon move on to serve as Command Sergeant Major’s in various units around the Army.  All five selectees are graduates of the NCOLCoE Fellowship program, a master’s degree granting partnership with Penn State and Syracuse Universities.

These five senior noncommissioned officers made the transition from student to teacher while at the academy. Now they will apply those skills they have learned and honed to lead Soldiers across the Army and help to build future leaders.

“I began this journey hoping to give back what the Army gave me,” said Sgt. Maj. Jason Duncan. “The opportunity to attend the SGM-A Fellowship has given me insight into how to be a better facilitator in the U.S. Army's Institutional Domain and a better leader.”

“The selection to CSL as a "Fellow" is a testament to the Army's acknowledgment that we have so much more to give back.” Said Duncan. “I am proud of my accomplishments as a Fellow and SGM-A Instructor. I am honored to be selected to serve in a command leadership position and excited that the Army recognizes the knowledge, skills, and abilities that come with being a part of the SGM-A Fellowship program.”

Throughout the Fellowship course, students enrolled reflect on their prior leadership experience to better understand how to teach and build curriculum. The aim of the program is to expose the fellows to new ideas and practices that will improve the educational experience of the students that the fellows will go on to teach in the Sergeants Major Course.

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Another of the selectees Sgt. Maj. Aaron Beckmen was a graduate of Sergeants Major Class 69 and went on to graduate from the fellowship program in 2021. Since then Beckman has served as an instructor at the academy.

“I believe that the opportunities the SGM-A Fellowship provides are key elements that produce some of the most well educated, academically broadened, and strategic

thinking senior NCOs,” said Beckmen about his time at the academy. “To think the SGM-A fellowship program hinders one’s career is missing the mark. It only enhances it with the additional bonus of quantifying the 20 plus years of Army service in a way the civilian market is excited to hire post-retirement.”

The Fellowship program has helped to produce top quality instructors for the SGM-A since its inception in 2015 and dozens of instructors have moved on to become Command Sergeants Majors across Army instillations worldwide where they can further share their knowledge and ensure the force remains focused on readiness.