Electronic healthcare revolution hits the USAG-Italy community

By Chelsy Lyons, USAG Italy Public AffairsSeptember 14, 2023

Electronic healthcare revolution hits the USAG-Italy community
The Army Health Clinic Vicenza has launched an MHS GENESIS help desk which will be available on Wednesdays to the USAG-Italy community. MHS GENESIS will launch on September 23. (Photo Credit: Randall Jackson) VIEW ORIGINAL

VICENZA, Italy -- A healthcare revolution is coming to USAG-Italy this fall as the Army prepares to implement MHS GENESIS as the new and improved electronic healthcare system. Going into effect on September 23, the switch will impact both the Army Health Clinic, Dental Clinic, and Aid Station on Vicenza and Del Din after already being used throughout the military stateside.

“It is a heroic undertaking,” said Lt. Col. Michele Kehrle, Commander of the Army Health Clinic-Vicenza. “It is essentially going from a rotary phone to a smart phone overnight.”

MHS GENESIS is a streamlined healthcare portal that has consolidated the records of all prior military legacy systems into one, easy-to-use platform. Replacing the TRICARE Online Patient Portal, all TRICARE beneficiaries will be able to access their health records in one place, eliminating the need to transfer records when changing duty stations.

According to Kehrle, the change will be a net positive to the community but will not be without some growing pains. As the system transitions to MHS GENESIS, Kehrle expects temporary but significant limitations in healthcare access and longer than usual wait times.

Community members are encouraged to make their routine appointments and medication refill requests prior to September 22.

Electronic healthcare revolution hits the USAG-Italy community
With the rollout of MHS GENESIS, customer care is expected to have temporary but significant delays in service. To alleviate some of the inconvenience, the clinic is currently taking walk-ins on Monday afternoons and Wednesday mornings. (Photo Credit: Randall Jackson) VIEW ORIGINAL

To mitigate inconveniences, the clinic has implemented 90-day refills on medications, established an MHS GENESIS help desk available on Wednesdays, and is taking medical readiness walk-in appointments on Monday afternoons and Wednesday mornings.

While MHS GENESIS is new to the Vicenza community, the change is over a decade in the making. DoD plans for a medical system overhaul began in 2009. The roll out to Military communities began in the Pacific Northwest region in 2017 and the change will continue this fall with other European and Indo-Pacific locations.

“It’s an exciting time, it is going to be a challenging time, and we’re really excited to partner with the community through this monumental change for the better of us all,” Kehrle said.

To learn more about MHS GENESIS go to https://health.mil/News/In-the-Spotlight/MHS-GENESIS.