A Fresh Perspective: Antony Biagianti Enriches USAG-Natick with Innovative Initiatives

By Alfred TripoloneSeptember 13, 2023

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NATICK, MA — When U.S. Army Garrison Natick Soldier Systems Center (NSSC) welcomed its new Director of Operations, Antony Biagianti, last fall, they were not only embracing an accomplished retired Veteran but also a fountain of fresh ideas and perspectives.

Hailing from a varied background that spans continents, from Asia to Europe, and roles from an Artilleryman to positions in the Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization & Security operations, Biagianti brings a wealth of experience to the table. Currently he serves as the Director of Operations for USAG-Natick, overseeing daily operations, emergency management, anti-terrorism, physical security, and emergency services.

"I'm not a smart guy, but I like to think I'm good at asking dumb questions that make others rethink a position," Biagianti commented, underlining his unorthodox but effective approach to leadership. He emphasizes time management, positive thinking, and openness to new strategies in accomplishing tasks. Biagianti strives to give consistently and efficiently; his philosophy is that you are already leading the pack if you can deliver 80% of what the Army demands consistently.

Since his inception into the role, Biagianti has made waves by initiating community-driven activities, to include NSSC’s first fishing tournament. This event celebrated the opening of the newly renovated boat ramp by launching over a dozen boats with over 20 participants, which culminated in a fish fry hosted by MWR. Biagianti also was the sole driving force behind the car and motorcycle show which also brought back food trucks to NSSC.

The car and motorcycle show and the fishing tournament were both successful events, which rejuvenated a sense of community at NSSC post-COVID, an initiative Biagianti deeply believes in. Such events foster pride in the workplace, facilitate connections through shared stories, and engender intergenerational interactions, given the multi-generational workforce at NSSC and its partner organizations. Notably, Mr. Biagianti is leading the Community Development Working Group for the Garrison, to link all partner equities, initiatives, and interests across the installation to maximize quality of life and opportunities for everyone at NSSC—to including our Service Members, Civilians, Families, and Retirees.

In his current role, Mr. Biagianti's focus remains on strengthening USAG-Natick's operations through innovative ideas and fostering healthy work relationships based on respect and humility. As the NSSC moves forward, they do so with a dynamic leader at the helm of the Directorate of Operations, one who understands the value of community and connection in creating a thriving work environment.