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Detroit Arsenal, Michigan – The Army awarded a $274.1 million contract yesterday to produce 109 M2A4 Bradley Fighting Vehicles and six M7A4 Bradley Fire Support Team Vehicles from existing vehicles.

The M2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle provides cross-country mobility, mounted firepower, communications, and protection to mechanized infantry when mounted, and overwatch support when dismounted.

The U.S. Army has used the Bradley in the Persian Gulf War and Operation Iraqi Freedom. The Bradley has multiple variants: The M2A3 & A4 Infantry Fighting Vehicle, and the M2A2 Bradley Operation Desert Shield-Situational Awareness (ODS-SA). The A4 is replacing the ODS-SA variant. Vehicles already in stock will be used to produce new A4 platforms.

The M7A4 Bradley Fire Support Team (BFIST) Vehicle is an integrated Bradley-based fire support platform that enables company Fire Support Teams to plan, coordinate, and execute timely, accurate indirect artillery and mortar fires.

The “A4″ variant is an engineering change proposal program that brings in new suspension and track upgrades. The A4 upgrades improve Bradley mobility, architecture, and power management, to host future technologies such as Active Protection Systems and communications technology.

“The A4 is a large part of the Army’s modernization efforts. While we create new platforms, the Bradley is an enduring one, and crucial to our soldiers,” said Maj. Gen. Glenn Dean, Program Executive Officer for Ground Combat Systems.

The Army awarded the contract to BAE Systems Land & Armaments L.P., York, Pennsylvania. Deliveries will begin in early 2025.