Maneuver Center of Excellence earns accreditation

By Alexander Gago - Maneuver Center of Excellence, Fort Moore Public AffairsAugust 31, 2023

Maneuver Center of Excellence earns accreditation
Stanley James a training specialist with the Maneuver Center of Excellence conducts a student focus group during a recent onsite training center accreditation visit to the post. (Photo Credit: Courtesy photo Quality Assurance Program Office ) VIEW ORIGINAL

FORT MOORE, Ga. – U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command Quality Assurance officials awarded accreditation to Fort Moore’s Maneuver Center of Excellence following a recent onsite training center accreditation visit to the post.

“The Army accreditation process is conducted every three years and is a comprehensive assessment of a learning institution’s mission, staff processes, procedures, faculty, and curricula,” said Kevin Parker, MCoE Quality Assurance Program director. “The quality assurance process includes self-evaluations, leader interviews, in-depth document reviews, student focus groups, and training observations.”

The Army accreditation process is comparable to the accreditation process that colleges and universities undergo and involves extensive reviews intended to hold their respective institutions to high-performance standards.

“Maintaining Army accreditation is a significant achievement for our organizations because it demonstrates that in a changing world and challenging fiscal environment, the MCoE, Infantry School, Armor School, and the Henry Caro Noncommissioned Officer Academy continue to meet the Army accreditation standards of performance by providing a thriving learning environment ensuring [that] we continue to provide highly trained and educated maneuver Soldiers prepared to fight and lead now and into the future,” Parker said.