DPW upgrades Iron Horse Park running trail

By Anissa Connell, Garrison Public Affairs OfficeAugust 23, 2023

DPW upgrades Iron Horse Park running trail
Fort Carson has several trails that cover approximately 31.5 miles across the installation. (Photo Credit: Courtesy Directorate of Public Works) VIEW ORIGINAL

FORT CARSON, Colo. – Fort Carson’s most popular running trail was recently paved as part of a project to improve access throughout Iron Horse Park.

While most trails around post are primarily gravel, the trail around Iron Horse Park was paved in a $500,000 enhancement that also included the installation of a sidewalk and two additional crosswalks.

“(This project) improved walkability and we got some good feedback from residents in housing last summer after this project was complete,” said Craig Reeder, Chief, Infrastructure Branch, Department of Public Works (DPW) at Fort Carson.

Christopher DeGaray, director of Plans, Analysis and Integration Office, is a frequent user of the running trails on Fort Carson for running, biking, and walking his dogs.

“I especially like the paved trail in and around Iron Horse. It is a great place for Soldiers, their Families as well as Retirees to come and relax,” he said.

Fort Carson has several trails that cover approximately 31.5 miles across the installation.

Most of the trails are in housing areas while higher traffic areas along Specker and Barkeley avenues also have running trails.

Although there aren’t any new trails set to be added around post, the existing trails are freshened up periodically.

As of now, there are no plans to repave other trails across Fort Carson, but DPW is working on repaving walkways across Clover Ditch in an effort to improve walkability for Soldiers living in barracks along Barkeley Avenue.

“We're going to improve the surface of (these walkways), freshen it up with some new compacted gravel and then make it more accessible in at least three or four locations,” said Reeder.

He also mentioned an upcoming project to improve walkability to Pershing Field, which is still in the beginning stage of development.

To submit an urgent safety issue on a trail, call in a service order at 719-526-5345.

To submit a non-emergency service request for a trail on post, visit https://www.armymaintenance.com/arma.