Integrated Prevention Advisory Group to Begin Hiring Soon

By Chester CurtisAugust 22, 2023

The Army will soon begin hiring as part of its implementation of phases 2.1 and 2.2 of the Integrated Prevention Advisory Group, or I-PAG, the service’s primary prevention workforce.

Skilled professionals will fill positions at the strategic, operational and tactical levels.

“The positions within I-PAG are technical positions,” says Sarah Hogue, prevention integrator in the Integrated Prevention Division, “so making sure that they have the right credentials and the right skills is imperative to success.”

Hogue explains: “Prevention specialists help promote the health of our military communities, and they work hand in hand with leaders and other prevention partners on- and off-installation to identify, adapt, implement and evaluate programs and policies that prevent harmful behaviors, such as sexual assault, suicide, domestic and child abuse, harassment and retaliation.”

Phase 2.1 will include the hiring of 47 I-PAG supervisory integrated prevention specialists (program managers), and Phase 2.2 will include the hiring of 47 prevention specialists (deputies), according to Hogue.

“Phase 2 hiring will be conditions based, and the 47 deputies will not be hired until the 47 program managers are hired,” Hogue says. “Hiring the program managers first will lay the foundation for these new I-PAG locations to have strong, quality primary prevention leaders in place to support hiring subsequent members of the workforce. Prevention teams will be built over time and will continue until the Army reaches full operational capabilities by FY 2027.”

“Phase 2.2 will focus on hiring our deputy positions. The technical title for our deputy position is prevention specialist.”

I-PAG teams will assist commanders in identifying, adapting, implementing and evaluating evidence-based policies, programs and practices that will increase protective factors for two or more harmful behaviors, build positive peer environments and prevent harmful behaviors across the Army.

During Phase 2.1 hiring, officials are required to use the Office of Secretary of Defense Hiring Guide.

“The first part of this guide provides background information on why our prevention workforce is necessary to help effectively prevent self-directed harm and prohibited abuse or harmful acts throughout our military communities and also how to set up our prevention personnel for success,” Hogue says.

The OSD Hiring Guide provides information on skills and competencies that are required of the Integrated Primary Prevention Workforce and will assist hiring managers in identifying what to look for throughout the hiring process.

Prevention workforce positions range from GS-11 to GS-14 and will be at locations throughout the Army.

Jobs will be listed on the Civilian Human Resources Agency’s Army Prevention Workforce Portal public_jobs and the USAJOBS website.

For more information go to https://www.