FORT STEWART, Ga. -- If you enter Fort Stewart or Hunter Army Airfield through one of the smaller access control points you may have been wondering what is the deal with all the construction' Why do they have the traffic down to one lane in both directions'
What you have seen are the beginning phases of a new construction plan to upgrade access control points.

"The changes will bring Fort Stewart into the 21st century." Matthew Bolen, Project Manager in the Department of Public Works said.

The infrastructure upgrades will include construction of new canopies, wider medians between the traffic lanes, new guard booths and upgrades to the electrical and data capabilities at the ACPs.

"The updates will pave the way for automated equipment that will be installed during the second phase of the project," Bolen said.

When complete, the upgrades will allow a smoother traffic flow through the ACPs and will enhance the identification process. The upgrades are part of a Department of Defense wide project to automate ACPs at posts around the country.

Traffic delays due to construction can be expected through July 2010. The smaller ACPs with the lightest traffic flow are first to be overhauled, followed by the larger and busier ACPs.
The second phase of the upgrade will begin include scanners. The scanners will allow for automated entry to the post.

"Once the automated equipment is fully operational it will enhance the identification process, with the ability to recognize and deny access to unauthorized personnel and vehicles," Bolen said.
Ultimately, this project will help make Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield, a more secure environment for our Families, Soldiers and civilians, said Bolen.